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Want Bigger Agency Brags? This School Can

The Dean of the School of Communication Arts 2.0 on why the school is so special, and why it's deserving of more agency support

By Marc Lewis

There aren’t many agencies that can brag about winning over 100 D&AD Pencils in their first ten years, including seven Black Pencils.

There aren’t many agencies that can brag about putting diversity into their reason for existing, and demonstrate how it helped them achieve over 100 D&AD Pencil wins.

There aren’t many agencies that can brag about seeking out superstar talent in their 50s and 60s and hiring them to protect a craft that we cherish.

There aren’t many agencies that can brag about reinventing the ways in which copywriters and art directors collaborate online, and then win a Black Pencil in the first year with fully remote teams.

This school can.

There aren’t many agencies that can brag about future-proofing the industry by supporting the school, funding over 120 scholarships and bursaries in our first ten years.

There aren’t many agencies that can brag about being able to send their colleagues down to attend inspirational masterclasses from industry legends and inspirational talks from leading creatives.

There aren’t many agencies that can brag about being allowed to attend this exclusive course, giving their colleagues an unfair advantage whilst funding more scholarships

There aren’t many agencies that can brag about winning pitches with ideas from students in our school, when they set briefs as part of our Reciprocity partnership.

These sponsors can. One sponsor won two new business pitches in the same month, setting half the class one pitch to work on and the other half working on the other.

There aren’t many industries that can brag about coming together to create a vocational school, supported by sixteen top agencies and hundreds of volunteers.

This industry can.

There aren't many industries that can brag about deliberately hunting down people who wouldn’t ordinarily find their way into advertising because of their backgrounds, and then nurturing them to become Black Pencil winning superstars.

This industry can. These sponsors can. This school can.

We can talk about a blind designer we found in a Glasgow estate, a care leaver who was struggling with addiction, a father in his forties who was juggling the demands of a full-time job and a newborn baby.

Or we can talk about what they taught us.

Because learning, at its best, is a two-way affair in which the experience is reflected and radiated by mentors and mentees in harmony; so the goal of each meeting should be for every person to leave it feeling inspired and educated.

Can your agency help the school make some greater brags?

By simply shifting a fraction of your freelance, recruitment or training budgets to fund scholarships, we could change many more lives and improve our industry. Your support will help us spread the word about advertising in places where they haven’t heard about us, and it will help us create places for brilliantly talented people to thrive in our school’s studio for ten intense months of training.

Can you imagine how much more we could do as an industry if we had hundreds of agencies supporting scholarships with a fraction of their freelance, recruitment or training budgets?

Can you imagine putting five percent of your freelance budget into making things better?

If you can, we would love to talk to you about becoming a partner.


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