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Conversation is an art form. Among many other things, successful conversation requires elegance, creativity, knowledge and understanding. Which, rather neatly, is what we’re hoping to recreate here

By Jeremy Lee

This week seems a particularly apposite time to launch Creative Salon. With pubs and restaurants now open for business; gyms, spas and libraries allowing visitors; and beauty and nail salons welcoming guests, it seems appropriate for a Creative one to do the same (let’s get that joke out of the way early). Three months of hibernation are coming to an end and while our eyes have been firmly fixed to the ground for far too long, things are finally and irrevocably beginning to look up.

It’s also three months ago since I last put finger to keyboard in my previous job, having decided to do something about my lot (in this instance advertising proved to be an inspiration, specifically the advice of the Betting and Gambling Commission: “When the fun stops. Stop.”)

All of us at Creative Salon believe strongly in the power of creativity to accelerate growth and give businesses a competitive edge, as well as inform, educate and entertain. And we’re going to be powerful advocates of that. But we also believe in the power of the aforementioned fun – let’s face it it’s a large part of why many of us joined the industry - and we hope that we’ll be able to start bringing some joy back too after it took an understandable but extended break.

For outsiders (and possibly marketers) looking in, advertising possibly doesn’t look a particularly fun, welcoming or supportive place to be sometimes, so perhaps it’s little wonder that the business has wrestled with its ability to attract new talent. We think this needs addressing. We're committing a minimum of ten per cent of our profits every year to support schemes that help new talent from diverse backgrounds get a foothold in the industry and our first partner in this will be the Brixton Finishing School. We are also promoting the many outreach programmes that are on offer to new talent, collecting details of the best in a single hub to act as a one-stop resource for new talent, irrespective of their background.

Our members will have access to Salon-selected (damn, done it again) exclusive curated content that we think will be useful and inspiring as well as commentary on the big issues of the day: useful and joyful is our manta.

We’ve also taken inspiration from Cicero, who was the first scholar to write down the basic rules of conversation. They include: speak clearly; speak easily, but not too much; deal seriously with serious matters and gracefully with lighter ones. Over the coming weeks we’ll be bringing this to life in a way we hope you’ll find enriching and affirming. So rather than stepping out of a salon (final one – promise), step in.


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