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Dorival and MullenLowe Channel Disney Princesses to Redefine Teenage Menstruation

The series of ads challenge taboos and empower youths through reimagined fairy tales

By creative salon

MullenLowe has launched a new content platform, Princesses on Periods, for Bayer Consumer Health Brand, Dorival, in Central America.

The UK team took the reins driving strategy, creativity, and production oversight alongside partner agencies. Creative Director Carlos collaborated with strategist Diana Lopes to craft the project's vision. Rebecca Harrison, as client partner, and lead producer Kelly Baker, both UK-based, formed the project's core team. With support from a global network and production partners such as Big Studios, Miracle VFX, and Jamute, the team worked hand in hand to breathe life into the project and animate the princesses.

Even though 1.8 billion people across the world menstruate, many of these girls, women, transgender and non-binary people are unable to deal with their periods in a dignified, healthy way.

This vicious cycle begins early, as girls entering puberty find navigating this new life stage far from a fairy tale: getting their periods for the first time, they lack the necessary information and feel uncomfortable talking about them.

Sadly, many don’t even know what periods are before experiencing them.

To change this story, Bayer and Dorival partnered with MullenLowe to create Princesses on Periods, a content platform that features classic princesses reimagined as modern young girls, unafraid to use their voices to tell other teenagers the full story of periods.

In these tales, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella aren’t stuck in castles talking to animals; they’re going to school, having fun with their friends, gaming on Twitch, sharing makeup tips and playlists… just living their best lives – and also, getting their periods.

The content platform uses search data and social listening to identify and respond to the most frequently asked questions regarding periods, with each princess providing credible advice on topics ranging from understanding the menstrual cycle, navigating PMS and solutions to pain.

Patricia Corsi, Chief Marketing, Digital and Information Officer of Bayer Consumer Health, says “This creative idea from MullenLowe brings to life important aspects of “Health for all" and our commitment to SDG #3 - Good health and wellbeing. With our brands we aim not only to support self care but also to educate consumers about their health so they can live healthier lives - and this is exactly what "Princesses on Periods" does - educates in a fun, engaging way while providing education about periods.”

Juan Manuel Nuss, Pain Brand Manager at Bayer Consumer Health Central America, adds: “Even though periods should be a normal conversation topic, many teenagers still feel ashamed to talk about them. Dorival has long been focused on championing women’s empowerment and we want to provide young girls with tools and confidence to go through their periods in their own comfortable manner. Every girl has periods, but all periods are lived differently. And that’s normal.”

Carlos Andrés Rodriguez, Global Creative Director at MullenLowe, concludes: “Fairy tales and Princesses' stories have always had the power to inspire. We found the perfect opportunity to bring these classic characters to the modern world of today. It's no longer about Princesses hidden in castles, or being rescued by Princes: now they’re kick-ass gamers, streamers and influencers, keen to help educate little girls around the world.”

Going live across Central America, the digitally-led campaign will feature across TV, OOH and social channels.



Global Creative Director, Carlos Andrés Rodriguez

Client Partner, Rebecca Harrison

Strategy Partner, Diana Lopes

Producer, Kelly Barker

Group Creative, Director Enrique Camacho

Creative Directors, Bronwyn Sweeney, Loren Cook, Tanya Wilson, Lindsei Barros

Copy Writer, Sebastian Suarez Gnecco

Global Business Leader, Will Dixon

CSO International Brands, Ayesha Walawalkar

Executive Director, Global Strategy, Jonny Gadd

Strategist, AJ Morris

Production Officer, Nick Price

Production – Big Studios


Director, Tiago Marcondes:

Project Manager, Marina Plink

Animation Director, Alex Ferreira Simões

Assistant Animation Director, Lucas Barbosa

Technical Coordinator, Anderson Virino

Coordinator, Daniel Barbieri

Assistant Coordinator, Isa De Nicola


Storyboard, Martim Chiarella

BG / Prop Concept Art, Katan

Character Concept art, André Zendron


Lead / Character Modelling (Cinderella), Eric Pereira

BG / Prop Modelling, Gabriel Neris

BG / Prop Modelling, Lucas Gallo

Character Modelling (Rapunzel), Gabriel Cruz

Character Modelling (Sleeping Beauty), Vitor Semeghini


BG / Character texturing, Kayque Deleon

BG / Prop texturing, Igor Lapa

Prop texturing, Lucas Gallo

Rigging, Danilo Pinheiros

Hair Sculpting, Sergio Filho


Lead Rendering, Anderson Virino

Composition / Lighting Lead / Rendering, Alexandre Trevisan

Rendering, Igor Lapa

Rendering, Kayque Deleon

Composition, Fabio Urzedo

Additional Simulations, Otavio Massarico


Alex Ferreira Simões

Lucas Barbosa

Daniel Ferretti

Daniel Ueno

Beatriz Ramos

Marcos Elias

André Ventura

Victor Souza

Camila Xavier Fazolin

Daniele Vieira

Felipe Carpinetti

Guilherme Olivato

Gabriel Kotaro


Editor / Motion Graphics, Junior Trein

Motion Graphics, Thais Falconi

Additional Motion Graphics ,Anderson Virino

Editor (Making of), Marcos Alencar


FX Supervisor, Vinícius Abdala

Task Scheduler, Pedro Zumkeller

Pipeline TD / FX Artist, Gabriel Leite

FX Artist, Xan Yamamoto

FX Artist, Lucas Girotto

Ingest QC, Vitor Lanna

Ingest QC, Felipe Zapater


Music Producer James Feeler, Marcos Vaz, Luciano Nunes

Executive Producers Hingrit Nitsche, Kiki Eisenbraun

Sound Engineers Otávio Bertolo, Siri e Marcelo Filho

Production coordinators Julianna Zuppo and Leticia Nunes

Clients Bayer Consumer Health, Dorival

Juan Manuel Nuss Bertora

Gustavo Martinez

Ana Lucia Ordoñez

Luis Mendoza

Camila Estrada

Santiago Vallejo

Maria Cecila Morales

Maria Cecilia Garcia

Clients Bayer Consumer Health Global

Patricia Corsi

Philipp Schuster


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