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We’re a creative company for people on a mission

By Lucky Generals

Our mission

Oh dear. We hate navel-gazing. We’d rather talk about you and your business. So if this were a meeting, we’d be trying to skip on to the next section.But since you’re here and obviously want to know a bit more about us, here goes. 

Lucky Generals started life in 2013. Back then, it was just three friends (Helen Calcraft, Andy Nairn and Danny Brooke-Taylor) sitting in a pub. They talked about how the old agency model was broken and set out to create something different:

A creative company for people on a mission

Today, there are over 100 Generals (including the founders, who are still leading the charge). We have offices in London and New York and our ambition and hunger are stronger than ever. As is our commitment to this simple statement of intent.

A CREATIVE COMPANY... While we excel at advertising, we deliver a broader definition of creativity. That's why our work section also contains everything from PR stunts to design projects, social media campaigns to brand behaviours.

FOR PEOPLE… This may sound obvious, but in our technology-driven world it's all too easy to forget that people are still people, with human needs and desires. Everything has changed, but nothing has changed. Insight is still key.

ON A MISSION... Perhaps most importantly, we do our best work for people who want to make a dent in the universe. Clients with ambition. There, knew we could work it back round to you.


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