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Hello, we’re McCann London. We help brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives

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This is what we do

We help brands to play a Meaningful Role in people’s lives

It’s our mission that fuels everything we do. Because people expect brands to have a purpose in the world beyond the products that they sell. A purpose that is cultural, societal or communal – and if they do, then they’re more likely to buy from them as a result.

We give a brand its purpose, by defining the role it plays in people’s lives. This then elevates, fuels, and is the springboard for all our creativity which we deliver across the full business ecosystem. This is how we’ll create meaning for your brand in your customers’ worlds.

Your Meaningful Role is always true to the DNA of what you do and why you exist. It defines all your activities, from purpose to profit.

It’s designed to impact culture. Because when we impact culture, we impact the brand, and we impact the business, both in the short and the long term.

The work we make

Meaning through sustained cultural impact

The most powerful truths reveal an unmet need or feeling that hasn’t been tapped in culture. We find those truths, we bring them to life and tell them to the world in way that impacts culture and creates meaning for our clients’ brands in the world.

And because all our creativity is guided by the brand’s meaningful role, it doesn’t just create impact for now, it builds brands for the long-term.

So, when we uncovered a truth that every delivery has one thing in common – the moment of joy when the doorbell rings and your tasty treat is just moments away, we created a Meaningful Role for Just Eat - they don’t just deliver food, they deliver joy every day. This informed every part of Just Eat’s media mix, including advertising – where we partnered with Snoop Dog for our ‘Did Somebody Say Just Eat?’ campaign.

When we uncovered a truth that women over 50 felt excluded and invisible by their absence in the beauty and fashion industries, we created a media partnership for L’Oréal with British Vogue. We developed a special edition that included world-class editorial, fashion and beauty content, featuring the lives and perspectives of inspirational and trail-blazing women all over the age of 50. This created meaning for L’Oréal in the audience’ world, and opened up a whole new consumer base for the brand.

When we uncovered a truth that gamers don’t lust after functional devices and technology, but instead revel in what it enables them to achieve. We created a meaningful role for Xbox, to “empower gamers to achieve more”. This informed all aspects of their business, including communications such as the ‘Fanchise campaign’, where we inspired gamers to create their own controller designs, funding their patents, selling them online, and allowing them to share in the profits.

Proudly part of McCann Worldgroup

We sit as part of McCann Worldgroup – a network that is truly networked. We pride ourselves in giving our clients the benefit of tapping into local insight and expertise wherever in the world they need, and in whatever marketing discipline they need with our wider agency family.

However, whilst we give our clients this world of expertise to tap into, we always ensure they have a lean, dedicated team to work with who are fleet of foot, ever restless and single-minded in the pursuit of excellence for their business.

We’re the most creatively awarded, and commercially effective, agency network on the planet

We are the 2019 Cannes Lions Network of the Year, the 2020 Effies EMEA Agency of the Year, and the 2020 Webby’s network of the year.

We attribute all of this success to the great partnerships that we have with our clients to help their brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives.


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