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Welcome to The Behavioural Planning Agency. Curious, Smart, Human.

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Established in 1982, we are the UK’s leading behavioural planning media agency. We put the understanding of the human mind and behaviour at the heart of what we do and because of this you will find neuroscientists, psychologists, behavioural scientists and data scientists in our agency.

We are the only media agency built on the principles of behavioural science. We produce award-winning media strategies based on the knowledge of people’s behaviour; how people think, feel and act. We uncover these insights by deploying a full range of research capabilities, from ethnography to neuroscience to behavioural economics to data analytics. It’s through this behavioural approach that we deliver authentic, creative and effective media solutions.

The agency consists of four key divisions; Total Media, Total Media Connect, Running Total, and behave. Total Media is our head office in Soho, Total Media Connect and Running Total are the group’s Solihull and Manchester offices, while behave is our consultancy, dedicated to the use of behavioural science and bespoke technology tools to solve business challenges for clients.

Total Media Group is also part of the international independent network; Mediaplus International, with offices in 35 countries and billings of $5 billion across the group.

As an agency built on understanding people, our employees play a huge role in making Total Media unique. We are committed to diversity in all areas of our business. Coming from various backgrounds, our employees showcase a wide range of capabilities and personalities, making Total Media an exciting place to work.

We are also very proud to be the only UK independent media agency to achieve B Corp status, where we join a collective of companies who are dedicated to building a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

We have been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands and campaigns. Here are a few of our recent favourites.

By identifying key areas of interest and influence, we were able to change perceptions of TikTok to realise its ambition in becoming the fastest-growing social media app in the world.

For BritBox, our insights enabled us to identify a different target audience which went against pre-formed assumptions about who would want to sign up to a new streaming service, which overdelivered against targets.

Working with Young’s, our research allowed us to identify and prioritise which audience segments had the greatest potential for growth. Following an innovative data-led campaign to behaviourally target these new audiences it enjoyed a six-year high in sales.

Understanding the implicit brand perceptions among non-users of Zoflora enabled us to drive relevance and increase penetration among new users to grow its passionate fan base!


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