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BT: The Future is Now by Wunderman Thompson

BT and Wunderman Thompson focus on agritech innovators in the new instalment of 'The Future is Now' campaign

By Creative Salon

Wunderman Thompson’s latest instalment of BT’s 'The Future is Now' campaign focuses on agritech innovator Intelligent Growth Solutions, and BT’s role in fuelling the company’s innovative, future-facing business solutions.

Imagine a world in which farmers can create the perfect weather for growing a wide range of crops in substantially different climates that sit less than two feet apart from one another. IGS Limited makes revolutionary controlled-environment growth products including a vertical farm-in-a-box and growth stations for low-rise installations, helping farmers and other food producers create consistent, reliable produce regardless of location.

The vertical farm features no on-site computers or circuits, with all the information stored on the cloud. Its platforms are 100 percent Internet of Things enabled and powered by a 3-tier Artificial Intelligence back-end to deliver "Total Control Environment Agriculture", offering farmers and other food producers drastic productivity benefits: 2-3x yield with quality and consistency, using 50 percent less energy and 80 percent less labor.

Powered via the cloud, IGS optimises weather variables and eliminates the need for pesticides, enabling the growth of healthier crops with longer shelf lives at locations convenient to IGS customers.

Presented by journalist and broadcaster Steph McGovern, the third episode in Wunderman Thompson’s campaign showcases the role of 5G, cloud and broadband capabilities in creating cutting edge systems to help farmers deliver ideal conditions for consistent, reliable crops in any location – and with minimal environmental impact.

Steph introduces viewers to David Farquhar, the trailblazing CEO of IGS, who talks through the company’s revolutionary controlled environments, including a farm that hosts individual microclimates adjusted for each crop’s needs.

We learn what vertical farming is, how it is enabled by technology, understand its environmental and business benefits, and gain wider knowledge of the ways technology is building a digital future for business, right now.

The campaign positions the brand as the right partner to support SMEs, larger corporations and public sector customers who are looking for the inspiration and confidence to adapt, transform, disrupt and thrive.

Harriet Gorbeck, marketing principal, BT’s Enterprise unit said: "We are really excited to deliver our content marketing campaign which highlights technology’s role in the sustainability of industries such as farming; an increasingly important vertical for green recovery. As a critical national enabler for the country, we’re committed to demonstrating the value of a leading network infrastructure coupled with digital innovation as the key to the future of productive and sustainable businesses."

David Farquhar, CEO at IGS, commented: "We were delighted to welcome the teams from Wunderman Thompson and BT Business to our Crop Research Centre earlier this year. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our vertical farming technology and to demonstrate its capabilities as we look for innovative ways to shore up global food security and support traditional agricultural systems.

"The 'Future is Now' campaign is such a perfect fit for our ethos at IGS: the opportunities for growth and technological advancement through developments like IoT are here now, and it’s down to us to embrace them. New possibilities are being unlocked every day and it’s very exciting to see that being recognised."

Wunderman Thompson’s campaign continues to show what businesses can learn from each other while reinforcing BT’s strong partnership and credentials as a technology company beyond traditional connectivity.

BT is working closely with customers across SME and large businesses to help key decision makers embrace the digital change and transformation that is necessary to thrive now and In the future.

As the UK’s largest network provider, BT’s portfolio provides efficiency, flexibility and security for its customers, as well as innovative solutions to help business build resilience and perform to the best of their ability.

BT’s "The Future is Now" campaign is deployed in multiple channels. As well as the long form film, there are teasers and trailers for digital advertising that tell the story of BT’s three pillars: flexibility, security and efficiency.


Chief creative officer: Steve Aldridge

Creative director: Paul Snoxell

Head of art: Guy Sexty

Creatives: Chris Jones & Kell Lunam-Cowan

Chief client officer: Matt Steward

Managing partner: James Irvine

Business director: Elrike Lochner

Senior account manager: Katy Smart

Strategy partner: Martin Harrison

Strategy pirector: Krystel Baeza

Film and photography producer: Dan Verrier

Senior project manager: Suzanne Moules

Production company: Curious Productions

Media: Essence


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