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Pablo Launches New Work For Retailer Hotter Shoes

The 'Hello Comfort, Hello You' campaign for the brand's spring-summer 2021 collection celebrates the power of women in mid-life

By Creative Salon

Following the launch of Hotter’s 'Get Comfortable' campaign last year, Pablo's new campaign for the shoe retailer celebrates the power and possibilities of women in mid-life and all they can achieve when they feel comfortable, both in their own skin and in their shoes.

The genesis of the idea came from the insight that for many women in their late 40’s and 50’s, life isn’t closing down but actually opening up with new possibilities, as they enter the ‘third act’ of their lives. With some traditional caring responsibilities falling away and energy levels and self-esteem rising, this is often a time of recalibration and setting off on new paths. For example, Barclays reported a 67 percent rise in women 50+ opening business bank accounts and 83 percent of women 50+ say sexual fulfilment isn’t just for the young.

Yet, despite the sense of potential and optimism experienced by these women, they feel overlooked and misrepresented by brands that should be seeking to engage and represent them - 69 percent of women 50+ think the fashion industry ignores people their age and 82 percent think that clothing aimed at them is way too old fashioned.

Hotter aims to redress some of this imbalance. The campaign, which launched on April 19 across TV and social, celebrates women who feel truly comfortable in themselves to realise their ambitions and set off on new adventures.

The hero films, directed by Amy Becker-Burnett from OB Management, feature two women who celebrate the transformational impact that physical and emotional comfort gives you.

‘Quitting’ highlights how a sense of comfort and self-confidence empowers our heroine to quit her dead-end job and set out on a more fulfilling career path. In ‘Dull Steve’ we see another female protagonist luxuriating in her own space and company, no longer compromising her life with an unrewarding partner.

Both films feature women over 45, both of whom were street-cast as they embodied the spirit of self-assured women, comfortable with who they are, which Hotter Shoes looks to champion and celebrate.

Claire Reynolds, head of channel marketing from Hotter Shoes said: “With over a 1 million active customers in the UK, we wanted a campaign which reflects how inspirational and exciting these women’s lives are. Demonstrating that Hotter supports them both emotionally and physically, whatever they want to do, and wherever they want to go. The concept Pablo have developed is insightful and authentic, and communicates the brand proposition of 'customised comfort' in a very relevant and engaging way. This campaign is a key element of the businesses growth and development strategy, and Pablo continue to be a key strategic partner.”

Nathalie Gordon, creative director at Pablo said: “It’s not every day you get to show older women to be the complex beings they actually are and to see them owning it because they are truly comfortable. They openly like sex and don’t take crap from their bosses - god, I can’t wait to be one.”


Executive Creative Director: Dan Watts

Creative Director: Nathalie Gordon

Creative Team: Amy Fasey & Jacob Hellstrom

CEO: Gareth Mercer

Managing Partner: Charlie Hurrell

Strategy Director: Joan Devereux

Account Director: Florence Prevezer

Account Manager: Isobel Kai

Head of Production: Tom Moxham

Agency Producer: Adrianne Godfrey

Project Manager: Demi Osman

Agency Designer: Emma Barker

Agency Artworker: Viren Patel

Hotter Clients: Ian Watson, Victoria Betts, Claire Reynolds & Charlotte Horrocks

Production Company: OB Management

Director: Amy Becker-Burnett

Production Producer: India Bradshaw

Head of Production: Sam Holmes

Editor: Peter Hills


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