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We believe in the power of &, bringing ideas and technology together to power brands and businesses

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We are an independent, future-focused, entrepreneurially minded creative agency bringing talent, data and technology together to deliver creative solutions for the complex digital world we live in today.

We are one of the world’s fastest-growing marketing networks. Strengthened by the scale and capabilities of our partnership with WPP, our 1,800-strong multi-disciplined agency network, spread across 45 offices in five continents, has seen four continuous years of record growth against an ever-changing industry backdrop.

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Our history:

We were born in 2001. Simon Clemmow, Johnny Hornby and Charles Inge opened CHI group for business above The Carphone Warehouse on Marylebone Road.

We were the first agency to talk about big ideas… recognising how important they are. That there’s one behind every successful brand. We studied the history of marketing to learn where big ideas come from. And it wasn’t just theory, but we designed our offices around the process of building Big Ideas – we regularly held Big Ideas days with all our clients.

Based on this philosophy, we created Big Ideas campaigns for Heineken, Lloyd Grossman, Tango and The Daily Telegraph, to name a few.

But the world was changing. Instead of clients wanting a “new TV campaign”, they wanted a “business problem to be solved” and so needed the right agency partner to find the perfect solution.

CHI changed too. We became CHI&Partners – we recognised that we needed to be partners in order to become partners for our clients.

In 2013, we became The&Partnership, underlining its position as the beating creative and strategic heart of our cross-discipline network of agencies.

Our ethos:

We believe in the Power of &.

Just like physics, energy is generated when powerful forces meet.

We like to call it putting the ‘&’ into brand ideas – data & creativity, talent & technology, client & agency – we make more powerful & effective content.

Our unique &Model, which we pioneered over a decade ago, literally tore down walls between creative, media, strategy and delivery. This model is as relevant as ever.

We reinvent and adapt and shapeshift our teams as we need to.

Because the future of advertising requires us to be properly embedded within a client and understand their business in a way that the &Model allows us to, we come up with creative ideas that really transform the business.

Take a look at the core principles of our &Model.

Our people:

Our mission is to make The&Partnership the most important place in our people’s careers.

Led by our Global CEO and Founder, Johnny Hornby, our leadership team includes Sarah Golding (CEO), Nick Howarth (CEO, Worldwide), Andrew Bailey (CEO, America). Our creative leaders include Micky Tudor (Chief Creative Officer), Toby Allen (ECD, London), Andre Moreira (ECD, Worldwide) and Hannah Fishman (Chief Creative Officer, America). Finally our brilliant strategy leaders include Emily Harlock (CSO, London), Neil Goodlad (CSO, Worldwide) and Tony Lederer (CSO, America).

It sounds obvious, but we are truly a ‘partnership’, and what that means is that every single person who works for our customers, is also an owner of ours, and invested in their success. Our partners bring the dedication, the hard work, the bravery, and the care of the founders.

The strongest element of the Power of & is the talent it attracts. We have a people-first philosophy, and put the needs of our people at the heart of everything we do. Our one mission is to make The&Partnership the most important place in our employees careers.

Our &Model helps us bring together diverse, talented and powerful ‘forces’ – teams with multi-skilled blends of skills and an inquisitive mindset. We don’t care who our people are, we care about what they know, what they’re made of, and what they bring to the table.

Over the next five years, we are aiming to be a place where everyone feels that they belong, our teams represent the communities we operate in, our ways of working become equitable and our business footprint is sustainable.

Read all about our culture.

Our work

We believe in the power of bringing entrepreneurship & creativity together, enabled by data.

It’s in our DNA to think and work this way.

Whether it’s creating a real-life hoverboard for Lexus, who told us they wanted to be known for their imagination. Or whether that’s starting a brand from scratch like TalkTalk, or inventing one for an existing client like Hive for British Gas. Or helping rebrand Ben’s Original to make it culturally more inclusive and give it a purpose. We were the first agency to launch a brand solely on Facebook for iD Mobile. With RNIB, we are on a mission to create accessible design for everyone.

We understand the power of brands and we love challenging the norm. We’re not just making ads, we’re making headlines and we’re making a difference.

Our multi-disciplined teams work alongside clients’ marketing departments in new, nimble ways, delivering data-driven creativity to fit their marketing agendas and are designed to meet the growing need for maximum speed, agility, cost-effectiveness and integration.

Check out all our work.

Some examples of our entrepreneurial creativity:


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