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How are brands weaving themselves into Threads?

A round-up of some of the most interesting brands on Threads

By Avnie Bansal

On July 5, Meta gave brands a brand-new text-first app to obsess over and schedule for - Threads.

A clone of Twitter in many regards, and in some, not - Threads comes at the optimum moment to attract Twitter's diminishing advertising spend and confidence, among other things. In less than a week, Threads has signed up 100 million users. And that is a big number when compared to other Twitter alternatives: Mastodon, BlueSky and T2 have so far achieved around 4.5 million, 50,000 and 9,200 users, respectively, to date, according to the platforms. While advertising is not yet available on Threads, brands are rushing in to take to the new platform to build audiences.

We have done a round-up of some of the most interesting brands on Threads right now.

As we get closer to Barbie movie release on July 21, it appears that Barbie's attempts to turn the world pink could be turning into a reality. So we are kicking off with Barbie on Threads.

Entertainment brands Netflix and Marvel found it hard to get off Threads, it seems.

And everyone is trying to be funny. From Microsoft Teams to TikTok to Spotify - it's all about having a sense of humour.

Although there are no ads yet, it did not stop brands from endorsing their offerings..... McDonald's UK even came up with a Threadsapp exclusive deal.

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More examples of social media teams having fun.

And some brands are just happy to be on Threads.

Here's what the advertising industry is doing on this Twitter copycat app.

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