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PETA cartoon highlights atrocities of pig farming

The 'Pig Farm' film was created by Grey London and Biscuit

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has unveiled its latest hard-hitting film, highlighting the atrocities of pig farming and calling for the public to go vegan.

British farming likes you to imagine green pastures and idyllic barnyard scenes of years gone by but we draw attention to the fact this this isn’t the case. Today, most British meat comes from animals who are factory farmed. In fact, the vast majority of animals raised for the table and fast food take-away live absolutely rotten lives.

Biscuit partnered with Grey London and PETA to create 'Pig Farm', a dark but humorous look at the realities of where our pork comes from. Directed by Jeff Low, the animated film draws inspiration from Cuphead and Ren and Stimpy. By weaving together elements of fantasy and reality, PETA hopes to spark conversations and inspire people to change their eating habits.

The cartoon film follows the journey of the pig farmer as he explains to his daughters just what his day at the factory entails. Initially it looks like an idyllic existence for the pigs, but as the film progresses the truth behind the industry's practices begin to be uncovered. The film is set to an upbeat song (also written by Jeff Low) that drives memorability and further immerses the audience in what they are seeing.

To support the campaign and drive further awareness PETA has designed and created merchandise available via the PETA website. Pig’s live for six months before they are slaughtered, not having even one year of life is a stat to dramatise. To do that PETA has created a calendar measured in pig you get a calendar that stops after six months. Each month displays the suffering pigs endure via our cartoon visuals. PETA has also created a number of limited edition plates - the PETA piggy crockery set! Turning boring plates into a wonderfully gory reminder of the suffering behind your bacon butty!

Mimi Bekhechi, Vice President PETA UK, Europe and Australia, said: "PETA’s goal is to challenge the status quo and make people think, and the innovative team at Grey has achieved that with this shareable video. By pairing disturbing cartoon imagery with a catchy song, we believe the memorable spot will shift attitudes and remind people that every piece of bacon was once a thinking, feeling being who desperately wanted to live."

Jeff Low, Director at Biscuit Filmworks, added: "100 years from now people will not understand how we could have done what we do to these animals. I hope you “enjoy" the cartoon we made."

The campaign will run across PETA owned channels globally.



Elisa Allen – VP

Iona Kirby – Celebrity & Creative Projects Lead

AGENCY: Grey London

Managing Director – Jonny Tennant-Price

ECD – David Wigglesworth

CSO – Tarek Sioufi

Creative – Cameron Sutherland, Mel Shergold, Joanna Simpson-Howe

Head of Production – Maxine Hose

Senior Producer – Ant Borkett

Head of Design – Liam Thomas

Designers – Jo Wahono, Stefan Klasener, Tanmayee Ingale, Felix Townsend, Tyrone Zall

Editor/Titles – Ollie Flux

New Business Director – Katherine Goodale

Production Company – Biscuit Filmworks

Director – Jeff Low

Producer – Kwok Yau

Managing Director/Executive Producer – Rupert Reynolds-Maclean

Executive Producer – Hanna Bayatti

Head of Production – Emily Atterton

Animator – Andrei Sopon

Animator – Reuben Sutherland

Sound Studio – Factory Studios

Sound Design & Mix – Jon Clarke

Senior Audio Producer – Ciara Wakley

Music Supervision – Wake the Town


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