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Hellmann’s In A Battle Against Ketchup with Heinz Name Swap

Hellmann’s challenges condiment loyalty as individuals named Heinz opt for a surname switch

By Creative Salon

In the fiercely competitive world of condiments, the battle between Heinz and Hellmann’s has taken an unexpected turn. As ketchup reigns supreme in most condiment choices, Hellmann’s, renowned for its creamy mayo, has launched a daring campaign aimed at mayo enthusiasts who happen to share the surname Heinz.

"We believe the name you’re born with shouldn’t dictate your condiment preference," says Jamie Cordwell, Executive Creative Director at Hellmann’s, unveiling the strategy behind their latest marketing maneuver.

Germany, boasting the highest concentration of Heinzes globally, became the battleground for Hellmann’s unconventional campaign. The premise was simple yet audacious: encourage individuals named Heinz, but with a penchant for mayo over ketchup, to officially change their last name to Hellmann’s.

The response, via Instagram, was astonishing. Despite the seemingly whimsical nature of the initiative, five dedicated Mayo fans named Heinz promptly volunteered to swap their surnames to Hellmanns across their public social profiles. Among them, Christoph Heinz emerged, initiating the legal process to transform his name from Heinz to Hellmanns. The unexpected response prompted the brand to expedite the production of a documentary film chronicling the name change process.

"We wanted to give mayo-loving Heinzes a chance to set the record straight and publicly declare their love for mayo," Cordwell explains, shedding light on the underlying motivation behind the campaign.

In a move that underscored the brand’s commitment to the cause, last-minute out-of-home (OOH) placements and print media were secured to commemorate the fervent response from Mayo aficionados.

With the campaign gaining traction across social media platforms, Hellmann’s is witnessing a surge in engagement and brand affinity among consumers. The narrative of individuals boldly embracing their love for mayo, regardless of their given surname, has struck a chord with audiences, propelling Hellmann’s into the spotlight of condiment culture.


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