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Ginsters' quirky farmer Merryn returns for radio campaign

Created by TBWA\London, the three radio ads run alongside the existing TV ad and social media campaign 'Taste the Effort' which was released last year

By creative salon

Ginsters have unveiled three radio ads featuring Merryn, the loveable and ernest farmer who goes above and beyond with the effort she puts into growing the highest quality vegetables for Ginsters.

The hilarious character returns in classic Merryn style as she is interviewed about her somewhat unique farming methods and delivering her thoughts and insights about the above-and-beyond care the three key ingredients in Ginsters’ pasties receive from her.

The first reveals Merryn’s inspired stag costume, designed to keep the crows away from her prized onions; the second sees Merryn hushing the interviewer as the Swedes try to get some sleep. The ads conclude with Merryn radioing her potatoes via walkie-talkie for confirmation that they’re ok, only to panic when she gets no response.

The ads run from 16 February alongside the existing TV ad and social media campaign which was released last year.

The widely celebrated character devised by TBWA\London is part of its 'Taste the Effort' brand platform, which focuses on highlighting the quality of the ingredients within a Ginsters pasty to tackle the misconception that it is a low-quality cold snack to be eaten on the go. In fact, Ginsters prides itself on the quality of its products, which are ideal for lunchtimes. Its ingredients are sourced from local and British suppliers with no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


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