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Lexus launches Hoverboard NFT collection

Created by The&Partnership, the Web 3.0 initiative is the second part of the 'Stay Ahead' campaign for the new RX

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Lexus has gone back to the future with a hoverboard NFT collection.

Launched alongside an interactive choose your own ending adventure, Lexus is inviting the audience to immerse themselves in the world of the all-new RX for the first time.

To engage the new generation of Lexus drivers, the next iteration of the Stay Ahead campaign by The&Partnership taps into the intrigue surrounding the launch narrative and offers an interactive game with a one-of-a-kind prize.

Phase one of the RX campaign saw a secret agent escape with a mysterious briefcase from a team of baddies enabled by the all-new RX.

Phase two asks -- now that the briefcase is secured - what’s actually inside it?

Accessible online and from dealerships, the audience are invited to ‘Crack the Case’ playing as one of two specialists - Hacker or Locksmith - to support them on their quest.

By successfully completing the mission and unlocking the briefcase, players will access the iconic Hoverboard NFT the agents have been protecting all along - and stand a chance to win one of their own.

Lexus was the first brand to create a working hoverboard in 2015 with The&Partnership, bringing to life their Amazing in Motion brand promise. The Lexus brand’s latest venture into Web 3.0 offers the opportunity to celebrate this pioneering spirit, making its historic mobility design ownable for the very first time: as a series of rare, luxury NFTs.

The bespoke Hoverboard NFTs will celebrate five nations - France, Germany, Spain, Finland and Kazakhstan - capturing the essence of each country through art. These beautifully crafted NFTs will intertwine signature aspects of each nation with the minimal, futuristic feel of the Lexus Hoverboard. Developed by renowned design studio Coffee & TV, there will only ever be one of each piece created.

Lexus is a brand renowned for design, technology and innovation and the latest campaign fuses these worlds together once again as it continues to engage with the evolving luxury consumer.

Head of Comms Lexus Europe, Tommaso Grassi says: “Phase 2 of the RX Campaign “Crack the Case”, inspired by latest gaming trends, allows us to make a connection between two iconic elements of Lexus brand -- the New Lexus RX , our most iconic SUV’s 5th generation and a NFT version of the Lexus Hoverboard that achieved immediate worldwide notoriety back in 2015.

I’m sure it will thrill all the participants and it will allow a new and younger audience to get in touch, probably for the first time, with the Lexus brand.”

Creative Director at The&Partnership, Frances Draskau says: “Lexus combines innovative technology with expert craftsmanship and its first Hoverboard NFT collection reflects these principles, unlocking a new era of digital design to expand their range.

The Hoverboard series is an exciting vision of future mobility with limitless imagination. All five pieces of the one-of-a-kind collection can be won and even resold, but only by those who have the skill to crack the case in the interactive game.

Lexus fans remain at the heart of the story and will not only decide the ending - 5 lucky winners will own Lexus history.”

Integrated into the Lexus EU and host market websites, the web build was developed by Kin + Carta. To reach consumers directly within the retail environment, the opportunity to enter to win one of the coveted prizes is also accessible within Lexus dealerships.

Launching 24th April 2023, the opportunity to win one of the NFTs will be live until 31st August in participating markets.


Client: Lexus

Senior Client: Tommaso Grassi

Senior Campaign Manager: Rudy Boeman

Marketing Specialist: Daria Fateeva

Agency: The & Partnership

CEO: Nick Howarth & Sarah Golding

Managing Director: Sam Lewis

Global ECD: Andre Moreira & Toby Allen

Creative Director: Frances Draskau

Creatives: Georgia Parker & Jasmine Watt

Head of Planning: Oliver Egan

Planning Director: Alex Fennemore

Business Director: Gavin Fullick

Senior Account Director: Lizzie Napper

Account Director: Luke Martins

Account Manager: Camille Le Senne

Head of Integrated Production: Thea Evely & Charles Crisp

Producer: Sam Topley

Production Company: Burning Reel

Director: Peter Lydon

Executive Producer: Joe Elliot

Producer: Tina Pawlik

Production Manager: Ashely Whyte

Director of Photography: Richard Bell

Editors: Franco Cuen

Offline Producer: Jordan Minetti

Post Production: Creep

Post Producer: Jordan Minetti

Audio Post Production: 750MPH

Sound Engineers: Mark Hellaby

Composer: James Radford


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