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By Elliot Leavy

If there’s one thing connecting some of the campaigns this week, it’s that we’re deep within a period of change and that behaviours that were nascent not long ago, are now normalised.

Indeed, a spirit of change is, without doubt, apparent in this week’s work, partly explained by new consumer behaviours compounded by events such as the pandemic.

Take Droga5’s ‘Prom’ for the e-commerce giant Amazon. The spot is a poignant ode to the power of technology to bring joy, but one which also reveals the ever-increasing ability for people of all ages to interact with technology.

The spot hits many notes. Not only does it show us how these technologies have become more accessible to all, it also reveals the added benefits they bring to ageing societies as seen in the west.

A relationship of reliance between man and technology then, has emerged. You only need to look at the success of streaming services to see what the world tends to spend its time doing today.

Despite being late to the streaming game, for example, Disney+ has amassed hundreds of millions of users and made billions in revenue since its launch in November 2019.

The appetite for change is great, and shows no signs of abating.

That said, take a look at some of the work this week and see the spirit of change for yourself.

‘Prom’, Amazon and Droga5

A touching soundtrack and a nod to the destructive power of dementia, this emotional spot for the technology giant brings the human factor back into the world of tech.

‘House of Disney+’, Disney+ and Leo Burnett

This work by Leo Burnett shows the plethora of content that resides within the House of Mouse. The best advertising solves a problem for the client and Disney’s problem is one of too much success, too quickly.

Following a series of acquisitions, the entertainment giant now owns almost every show under the sun. The problem is that many consumers don’t know that. Thanks to this spot, however, they just might.

Change is Inevitable, Ninety One and Publicis.Poke

Some say chaos is a ladder. This investment manager views it as an investment opportunity. The work illustrates just how fast the world is changing, giving a sense of urgency to those who might want to make a buck or two from it.

‘Aid Alliance’, Various and The&Partnership

Much of the rapid change in the west is fuelled by developing nations’ resources. In a period where much foreign aid is being cut across the world in the wake of the cost of lockdowns, this campaign puts a positive argument for such funding.

‘Winter Olympics’, BBC and BBC Creative

An honourable mention this week is the stupendous creative for the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics. It’s difficult to put into words such a spot, and is best watched to appreciate it in full. All I can say is that when it comes to stop-animation, brands are always onto a winner in my mind. Some things never change.


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