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Campari, the Bushwick Birkin and Cindy Gallop drive Weber Shandwick's Global CCO

Tom Beckman shares the creative players that he admires

By Tom Beckman

Telfar Clemens

Fashion designer Telfar Clemens has a better read of the world than any other name in fashion at the moment. Scarcity may be at the heart of luxury, and the reason why Hermès has a higher market cap than Nike, even though Nike has three times the revenue. But Telfar, the creator of “The Bushwick Birkin”, is challenging the core business model of luxury, by making the price of his design pieces go down when demand goes up. Creativity could be defined many ways, but one of my favourite definitions is that creativity is always rebellion – challenging convention and power balances, breaking patterns. In a fashion industry hyped up with celebrity and opportunistic collabs, Telfar Clemens is one of the few real creative voices. Or in his own words: It's not for you – it's for everyone.


Many of us who were young in the 90s got our fair share of alco-romanticism. Not just from reading Duras or Steinbeck or Bukowski, where the protagonists not seldom were winos. But also from the bar and restaurant culture that existed before fine dining and mixology. It was a time when bars were not a luxury destination, but a common space where destinies collided. And where you can still find that common space, Campari still rules. Just like with Telfar, it’s a drink that belongs to everyone, from old ladies to parents to the young and restless. Drinking a Campari soda doesn’t label you, it just suits you. Whoever you are. Campari is what all brands should aspire to be – a non-brand. And if you don’t like to drink, read The Little Horses of Tarquinia by Marguerite Duras and get the full Campari experience.

Make Love Not Porn

Cindy Gallop started Make Love Not Porn over a decade ago with the ambition to change the porn industry from the inside. And to give kids a chance to get their sex ed from watching real people having sex rather than watching porn actors. At the core, her perspective is about changing aspirations and ideals. From inflated, cold, and comparing, to every day, warm, and personal. I hope and believe that we will see the same movement in commercial communication. I’m a big believer in changing things from the inside, smashing bad ideas at their own game.

Tom Beckman is the Global Chief Creative Officer at Weber Shandwick


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