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Cool cars, old colleagues and Granny Beryl - Amy Garrett's inspiration

The EVP creative at Weber Shandwick reflects on her creative loves

By Creative Salon

I’ve always had an appreciation for design. Writing this has served as a good reminder that there are always people that have had an influence on you, on your life and the choices you make, whether you realise it or not.

Maxine’s Dad’s Saab 900 Turbo

First up, my friend from primary school, Maxine Measures. Or, more accurately, Maxine’s Dad - Mr Measures was an architect. Richard drove a Saab 900 Turbo. Far and away the coolest car I’d ever come across in my life (I was six years old). It looked like nothing I’d ever seen before. To this day, I couldn’t tell you what Mr Measures looked like, but I remember every design detail of that Swedish icon.

Catherine Nickson on workspace design

Next, Catherine Nickson, my former friend at Mother. Some of you may know her. Catherine’s is a quiet influence but for me she was, and continues to be, a loud and present inspiration.

An education that a chair is far more than just a chair and how all the things that we choose to inhabit the space we work in have a profound effect on the way we feel, and interact with each other, and consequently the work we make.

Mario Bellini, Bruno Rey or Vico Magistretti ….Thank you, Catherine.

Grandmother, Beryl Major

Finally, probably the biggest influence on my life, Beryl Major. My Grandmother. I’m sure I’m not on my own citing a Grandparent as an inspiration, but in Beryl’s case it was very specific – a consideration and appreciation of clothes, the impact they have and how they influence us everyday.

Personally, I love Jil Sander for her masculine femininity, her design is consistent – and I like that.

Just as with furniture, the clothes we wear, the colour, the style, the fit, has a huge effect on the way we feel. I miss Beryl.


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