Out with the Mad Men: Saatchi & Saatchi Rising Stars Embrace Fun and Joy Of Advertising

We meet the creative duo recently named Creative Circle's ‘Most Promising Creative Team’

By Dani Gibson

Marie Wittrup Jensen and Josephine Westergaard Rasmussen, two aspiring creatives from Saatchi & Saatchi, were recently named the ‘Most Promising Creative Team’ at the 2023 Creative Circle Awards.

Creative Salon looks at the partnership of this young creative duo and talks to them about their "exhilarating" journey.

Talking about the duo and their award, Franki Goodwin, chief creative officer at Saatchi & Saatchi, says: "I was delighted to introduce the New Creators’ Talent Awards on the bumper cars in Margate (where the awards ceremony was held) this year and even more delighted that Jose and Marie, our brand new team, only went and won. Their brave, bold, and brilliant minds have injected an exciting energy into our workspace, and I am eagerly anticipating the creative marvels we will produce together."

Rasmussen and Jensen’s partnership began at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, where fate seemingly played its part. As they approach their four-year anniversary of the partnership, a sense of excitement envelops them, they say, making them reflect on the path that led them here.

The duo met during a programme called 'Creative Communications' and following three years of shared classes they transitioned into creative partners. Jensen says that "their bond" thrived on shared humour and a natural alignment in their creative outlook. "Conversations about career goals and advertising brought us together." A common sense of humour acted as a glue that cemented their partnership, she says.

Rasmussen adds that their creative rhythms resonated naturally, and their aspirations found common ground. "Our shared drive was grounded in ambition, and laughter became a shared language." The result, she says, is a partnership rooted in reality, guided by shared humour and a resolute commitment to innovative creativity.

So what have they learned, as young creatives, along the way? And what work makes them proud?

What do you admire about each other?

Jensen: I admire Jose for her never ending positivity (she’s definitely the good cop) and her ability to always follow her gut feeling no matter what anyone says. She fights for her opinions, and can be very stubborn, but so am I, and that works for us. It helps us get to a good point as a team and with the work we do.

Rasmussen: Marie’s confidence is really inspiring to me. Her no bullshit and a lot of determination is just a winning combo. Also everyone that has met Marie will without a doubt say she is the funniest of all. I'm always encouraging her to have her own one woman show. When it happens I will be in the front row laughing the loudest.

What led you to Saatchi& Saatchi?

Jensen: We moved to London nearly two years ago and joined Crispin Porter Bogusky (CPB London) fresh out of advertising school. It's a smaller agency, which meant that we got a lot of responsibility. The learning curve was steep, but in the best way possible. We loved every second of it, but came to the point in our career where we wanted to broaden our horizons and learn new ways of working.

We've always been curious about Saatchi & Saatchi, and it felt like the perfect adventure, a chance to try something new and learn from a new group of talented people.

Rasmussen: It’s been really exciting starting at Saatchi. There’s a desire to do some really cool stuff. A lot of energy and momentum - it feels great to be a part of that.

What are your favourite types of projects you enjoy working on?

Jensen: While at CPB, we did the 'Imagine' campaign for International Women's Day, and it paved the way for us to do a lot more female focused work, like our international campaigns for Tinder and ASICS. That’s a focus that really resonates with us.

Rasmussen: We love projects where we can mix things up and do something different and fun. We once created a condom flower garden in the middle of Shoreditch for Hanx, a female focused sexual wellness brand. Who wouldn’t love to create thousands of flowers with biodegradable condoms on?

I guess we always try to embed some kind of purpose into our projects. Sometimes it’s a great cause or something we really care about, but sometimes the purpose can also just be to make something that makes people laugh or looks really cool.

What drew you to London?

Jensen: : It was never really planned, but after we graduated and started looking for jobs, we found ourselves really liking the vibe of the agencies in London. The energy here seems to have an extra spark. We had always been told that our style was a little different in Denmark, but over here, being different is a strength.

What inspires your creativity?

Jensen: Anything but ads really. Whether it's Love Island or scrolling TikTok, engaging in random pub conversations, or just living life without the advertising lens – those are the moments that tend to spark our best ideas.

Rasmussen: Also, if we see something that really frustrates us, it inspires us to try and do something about it. Even if it’s just through advertising.

What's the most rewarding aspect of being creative partners?

Rasmussen: The good ideas will come in a space where no ideas are too bad to say out loud, and this is definitely the kind of space me and Marie have. When we bounce ideas off each other we always end up with ideas and insights we probably wouldn’t have alone.

If one of us is on holiday or something, we usually say it’s like missing an arm. We can do it alone of course, but it’s much more fun doing it together.

Jensen: Honestly, we just have a lot of fun. We laugh a lot. Sorry to everyone we ever shared an office with. I honestly think we do our best work when we are just having a good time, and work doesn’t feel like work.

What guidance would you offer to emerging creatives entering the industry?

Jensen: Join some competitions. It’s a great way to get your name out there, get feedback and meet other young creatives! We won Cream the year we graduated, and that’s why we are sitting here today. 

And also, stay true to the stuff you want to make. Don’t take it too seriously. With all due respect - it’s just advertising. 

Rasmussen: Also just to mention, the more established creatives should be helping emerging creatives as well. Sharing a student's portfolio or work on LinkedIn as a senior creative director doesn't cost a penny but means the world to new creatives. 

How would you change the industry at present to enhance its allure for new talent?

Rasmussen: Be more inclusive. At the end of the day, advertising is all about people, so everyone would benefit from diversity really, agencies included.

Jensen: And encourage and champion different ways of being creative. There’s no right or wrong. There’s a million ways to be in this business. Let them know - It's not Mad Men anymore.


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