Monk who sold ferrari


The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and being eternally happy

Atomic London's chief executive Jon Goulding on the book that helped him on his journey to eternal happiness

By Jon Goulding

I’ve always been sceptical about anyone telling me ‘XXX will change your life’. The fact is, most of those things require months if not years of total commitment for it even to make a dent on your life.

But Sam Phillips, the former CMO of Omnicom Media Group and a great friend of mine, gave me a copy of a self-help book a few years ago.

I must have read every single self-help book on planet earth and none of them up until that point had made any impact on me. This one was called The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and apparently ‘it will change your life, and make you realise what will genuinely make you happy for all eternity’. No pressure then.

But she was 1000 per cent right, it was a total revelation and once you read it, you’ll realise why even this short paragraph, will contribute in a small way to my eternal happiness.

I’m happy to say I’ve never read another self-help book since.


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