Coppafeel adameveddb changing the face of breast cancer

CoppaFeel! highlights that breast cancer affects young people too

The social and DOOH ‘Changing The Face of Breast Cancer’ campaign is adam&eveDDB's debut work for the charity

By Creative Salon

Breast cancer awareness charity, CoppaFeel! is seeking to drive behaviour change in younger audiences, by demonstrating that breast cancer can affect young people too. The message is being highlighted through a social and DOOH campaign by adam&eveDDB titled, ‘Changing The Face of Breast Cancer’.

This is adam&eveDDB’s debut work for the charity - aims to challenge perceptions that breast cancer only affects older women, reinforcing the message that you’re never too young to check your chest. With research showing that one in seven women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer, some as young as 20, the campaign serves CoppaFeel!’s mission of encouraging early diagnosis which ultimately saves lives.

The campaign launches with a suite of 30-second social films featuring real women from the CoppaFeel! community who have received breast cancer diagnoses.

In their own words, the protagonists - Brodie, Anisa, and Shannon - share personal stories of their respective diagnosis. Despite looking aged at the start of each film, when an ageing filter is lifted, we see that these women are in fact younger than initially depicted, aged only 21, 22, and 24 at time of diagnosis. The reveal demonstrates how people who have breast cancer can look just like them, and it is not a disease that only affects women over 30, driving relevancy in younger audiences.

The campaign puts an unexpected twist on the popular ‘age filter’ trend - currently with 26 million posts on TikTok - to heighten reach amongst the target demographic.

The social films will appear in June across TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat and are supported by digital OOH and Spotify, with each campaign execution landing with the message: “You’re never too young to check your chest. Finding breast cancer early could save your life.”

It was directed by Bafta-nominated director Molly Manning Walker and produced by Rogue Films, with media handled by the7stars.

Martine O’Donnell, Coppafeel! marketing director said: “Our research highlights that only one third of young people view breast cancer as something that could affect them. With a need to drive the relevancy of chest checking behaviours amongst this age group, we worked with adam&eveDDB to create 'Changing the Face of Breast Cancer'. Telling the stories of three young people diagnosed in their early twenties, we're shifting the perception of what someone with breast cancer looks like. CoppaFeel! is on a mission to drive behaviour change and get every young person to check their chest. This is important because early diagnosis means better outcomes to treatment and can be lifesaving.”

Paula Hochberg, creative director at adam&eveDDB added: "I think we all have the preconceived idea that breast cancer only affects older women, partly because they are usually the ones we see in breast cancer awareness communications. The reality is that’s not always the case. Breast cancer affects young people too. That’s why we needed to change the face of breast cancer, to urge younger people to start checking their chests as early as possible. We’ve been so lucky to work with real storytellers whose diagnosis testimonies will resonate with girls their age, who look just like them. Brodie said, 'Everyone told me not to worry about it; breast cancer doesn’t affect people of your age.' This misconception is what the campaign aims to change forever."


Core Team

Client: CoppaFeel!

Creative Agency: adam&eveDDB

Project: Changing the Face of Breast Cancer

First Air Date: 12th June

CEO: Miranda Hipwell

Chief Creative Officer: Richard Brim

Executive Creative Directors: Ant Nelson & Mike Sutherland

Creative Director: Paula Hochberg & Molly Wilkof

Campaign Creative Team: Jane Barker & Gaby Grant, Sali Horsey & Zoe Nash, Forrest Clancy & Jay Parekh

Head of Production: Sally Pritchett

Head of Print Production & Experiential: Jaki-Jo Hannan

Radio producer: Anna-Louise Vass & Holly Pienaar

Project Manager: Josie Shand

Chief Strategy Officer: Martin Beverley

Head of Planning: Will Grundy

Senior Planner: Catherine Willoughby

Junior Planner: Kat Scott-Hyde

Head of New Business: Annabel Barry

PR: Shehneal Dhaliwal

Business Director: Skye Stoppani

Account Director: Sophie Kelting

Account Manager: Lizzie Coombs

Business Affairs: Edan Cummins & Dolares King

Finance: Charlotte Haddy

Legal: Tom Campbell


Marketing Director: Martine O’Donnell

Head of Marketing: Lauren Charsley-Ryan

Marketing Executive: Asha Karavadra

TV Production

Director: Molly Manning-Walker


Production company: Rogue

Executive Producer: Kate Taylor

Producer: Maddy Easton

Assistant Producer: Gaby Cordardo

Graphic/Print Production: n/a

Sound Engineer – Giselle Hall

Sound Producer – Carla Thomas

Editor: Eve Ashwell & Tamara Ishida @ The Assembly Rooms

Post: Selected Works

ECD – Wes

Art Director – Amber Frisenda

Technical Director – Adame Boutrif

2D Team – Valeria Scalamandre, Gary Driver, Pete Hodsman, Maheshwaran Chandrasekaran, Emma King, Dave Wishart

DMP Team – Chris Wilson

Colorist – Nielsan Bohl

Senior Producer – Kate Ryan

Motion Graphics: n/a

Photography Researcher:n/a

Research Production: n/a

Film Researchers: n/a

Music Supervisor: n/a

Music Track: n/a

Music Produced By: n/a

Music Publisher: n/a


Design & Artwork: King Henry Studios

Designers: Paul Knowles & Sam Harris, King Henry Studios

Print Production

Retouching: King Henry Studios

Adaptation Production and Supply

DOOH Supply: Richard Bailey, adam&eveStudios

Digital Production and Supply

Digital Producer: Richard Bailey, adam&eveStudios


PR: Persuasion Communications

Founder: Jane Austin

Account Manager: Ericka Santiago

Media – the7stars

Media: the7stars

Planners: Hannah Partington & Sarah Burke.


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