BMB launches pan-Euro campaign for mobility app Freenow

The first brand work by the agency includes a new brand platform - 'Feel Freenow'

By Creative Salon

BMB has created a new creative platform, called ‘Feel FREENOW’ to support the positioning for the eponymous mobility platform - which provides multi-mobility services in a single app including taxis, private hire vehicles, car sharing, public transport services, e-mopeds, e-bikes and e-scooters.

The idea taps into the insight that go-getting cityholics want to experience all the exciting moments and connections that the city has to offer, without having to waste time thinking about how to get there.

A hero film, “Free City”, brings this idea to life. As FREENOW is available in many cities across Europe, BMB opted to set the film in its own world – a spectacular spinning zoetrope model, packed with vibrant, abstract representations of urban life that are instantly relatable, regardless of where the viewer comes from. 

The film depicts a world where the inhabitants are stuck in a repetitive loop. The focus of the narrative is on our heroine, a woman who is roused from her loop by a notification on her phone, before going on a journey across the city, taking in all that it has to offer using a variety of FREENOW modes of transport. 

The “Free City” film concludes with the brand endline and an endframe detailing the transport modes available in each country, alongside a simple articulation of FREENOW’s service: “Feel FREENOW. One app – more ways to travel.” 

The Electric Theatre Collective worked with BMB on the film. The Zoetrope, which first appeared in 1834, has been used variously in film, experiential installations and music videos – but the FREENOW film is the first advertisement using the animation technique created entirely in CGI. With a stop-motion animation aesthetic, 3D body scans of actors cast for the film, are the digital characters featured in the film’s world. The result is a visual feast where the energy and diversity of each layer captures the feeling of a bustling and vibrant city. 

Alongside the film, which will run on TV and VOD, BMB has created assets for radio, social media and OOH. The campaign breaks in Ireland on 6 March 2023, and the UK in April on ITV and Channel 4. The campaign will roll out through other European markets including Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland and Greece in the following months – with local teams adapting the assets to suit their local market offering.

Grae Barnes, VP Brand and Communications at FREENOW, says, “We are a brand who loves the city and love the people who live and work in them. We exist to help get people where they want in life without having to worry about how to get there. This campaign is a big moment for the brand as we look to launch our new creative platform across our markets and we're excited to see it come to life in such a creatively ambitious and distinctive way.”

Jason Cobbold, BMB Chief Executive Officer, comments, “We’re thrilled to see this new campaign for FREENOW go live. The creative work builds off our work together evolving the brand’s positioning, and we’re excited to see this land in the real world.”

Matt Lever, CCO, BMB adds, “FREENOW helps people to effortlessly experience everything the city has to offer. We’re excited to see our new brand platform out there in the world and hope that our highly crafted, distinctive campaign captures the attention of our audience all around Europe”.


Advertiser: FREENOW

Client Credit: Grae Barnes, VP Brand and Communications, FREENOW

Claire Walsh, Global Head of Brand and Content, FREENOW

Klaus Cordeiro, Head of Design, FREENOW

Creative Agency: BMB

Production: Electric Theatre Collective

Chief Creative Officer: Matt Lever

Creative Directors: Will Marsden & Jordan Down

Creatives: Jack Snell & Joe Lovett

Chief Strategy Officer: David Bain

Managing Director: Claudia Wallace

Business Director: Matt Bonny

Account Director: Lily Gray

Account Manager: Amber Van de Sande

Planner: Amy Bowker

Head of Design: Ted Smith

Designer: Sam Peele

Creative Producer: Sofi Andersson Elena​​ Frischknecht

TV Producer: Pete Thornton & Clancie Brennan

Production credits: ETC

Animation Production: Electric Studios

Post Production Company: Electric Theatre Collective

Film Director: Dean Robinson

Production Producer: Alasdair Patrick

Production Coordinator: Tasha Beddoe

Colourist: Connor Coolbear

VFX Sup: David Filipe, Fabrice Fireni, Tobin Brett

VFX Leads: Jack Powell, Will Medcalf, Matteo La Motta, Scott Ryan, Nikolai


VFX Artists: Adrian Teoh, Alberto Pizzocchero, Alex Snookes, Amy Smith, Arthur Ranson,Aurelien Ronceray-Peslin, Bibin Panackal, Charlie Humphrey, Christian Block, Constantin,Von Zitzewitz, David Filipe, Elliott Holland-Crouch, Florian Mounie, Fred Austin, George Gough, Gererd Murphy, Gianluca Fratellini, Han Park, Hendrik Freuer, Iain Murray, Jack Powell, Jochem Aarts , Joseph Allerton, Joseph Dowling, Ogi Vukovic, Oliver Metz,Patrick Krafft, Rich Roberts, Robert Reinsched, Rodrigo Torres, Sarah Crux, Tom Harrison, Ulysses Popple, Yousef Grierson, Ysabel King, Zach Pindolia.

Media: The7Stars (UK)


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