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Gymbox spotlights Londoners' unique lifestyles

Created by BMB, the OOH campaign uses real member data to champion people who live to 'burn the candle at both ends'

By creative salon

London fitness brand Gymbox has unveiled its latest out-of-home advertising campaign, illuminating what makes Londoners and their lifestyles unique.

Dubbed 'Made for London Life', the campaign cleverly juxtaposes key aspects of London life; from dating and clubbing, to working late or the slog of daily commutes against the workouts the gym brand offers.

Hitting London’s streets from 2 January, the campaign will run across all of its gyms, as well as being supported by OOH billboards in key locations, flyposting and guerrilla marketing activity across London. Gymbox plans to invest heavily in digital, social and influencer support across Meta, Google and TikTok.

The campaign follows a survey of 2,000 gym members, which identified London gym goers’ favourite activities outside of exercising, with dating (34 per cent), clubbing (32 per cent) and eating out (15 per cent) topping the list.

The survey also shed light on the less glamorous parts of London life, revealing members' least favourite aspects of living in the Capital; commuting (54 per cent), long work hours (22 per cent), and the soaring cost of London living (13 per cent) topped the list.

Using these findings, Gymbox has captured the essence of city life, through taglines celebrating the madness of dating (‘Faking it at 1am, Shaking it at 11am’), the post-club munch (‘Wings at 2am, Legs at 11am’) and the mundanity of travelling for work (’Commuter Slog, Downward Dog’). The fitness chain also developed the tagline ‘Gin Fizz, Gym Rizz’ following the addition of “rizz” to the Oxford Dictionary this year, appealing to younger audiences as well as to target those on TikTok.

Overall, the campaign takes on the heartbeat of London, positioning Gymbox as the ultimate playground for those embracing the city's vibrant chaos and the familiarity of a ‘burn the candle at both ends’ lifestyle.

Gymbox, well known for its disruptive marketing and its premium workout facilities, offers a variety of creative classes, setting itself apart from the ‘traditional’ gym chains. Created by agency BMB (with media handled by the7stars, Jack Agency and Man From Uncle), the campaign aims to continue to challenge the cliché marketing that plagues the fitness industry and maintain the brand’s position as the ‘antidote to boring gyms’.

Rory McEntee, Brand and Marketing Director at Gymbox, said: “For our members, the gym represents only part of their lifestyle - the rest of it filled with all the chaos that makes up London life. Our 2024 campaign is a celebration of having balance in everyday life and continues to challenge the cliché marketing that plagues the fitness industry. It’s the perfect way to embody the Gymbox approach to fitness.

“Londoners lead unique lives; they crave experiences, and people move here to live life to the fullest. This often means that our habits and lifestyle choices are oozing with all the yins and yangs – such as partying until the early hours, but still getting their workout in the next day”.

Matt Bonny, Head of Account Management at BMB added: “London and Londoners are built different. We’re a city that is multi-faceted and this campaign celebrates that. Whether you’re in the office late or out with friends, Londoners have the unique ability to get themselves back to the gym the next day to sweat it all out. With Gymbox being the gym where anything goes, who better to champion the spirit of Londoners.”

Gymbox Member Survey Results

Favourite London activities outside of exercising

  • Dating 34 per cent

  • Clubbing 32 per cent

  • Eating out 15 per cent

  • House parties 12 per cent

  • Nights in 7 per cent

Least favourite aspect of living in the Capital

  • Commuting 54 per cent

  • Working long hours 22 per cent

  • London cost of living 13 per cent

  • Grocery shopping 6 per cent

  • Cleaning 5 per cent


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