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Unwrapped: How Cadbury Is Using Promotions to Support Corner Shops

Cadbury's brand chief on a sales promotions initiative created through a lens of ‘generosity’

By Creative Salon

Consumers will remember that the ubiquitous corner shops emerged as a comforting landmark amid the chaos of the pandemic. For consumers in the UK - most of whom have grown up around these family-run shops or indeed worked in one - corner shops are at the heart of local communities. Earlier this year, to support these humble local corner shops and the work they do for their communities, Cadbury and VCCP launched a new integrated campaign, ‘The Big Win-Win’.

At the heart of the campaign was a sales promotions initiative. But unlike classic sales promotions campaigns, this took an interesting shape "through the lens of generosity" - a guiding principle of the Cadbury brand.

In the form of a nationwide competition, the campaign aimed to spread levity and generosity to chocolate lovers across the country, and most importantly, to reward the heroes that keep the UK going - local corner shops. Cadbury’s lovers were incentivised to head down to their local corner stores to pick up a singular chocolate bar with the chance to win a cash prize of £500 or £1,000 for them and their local corner shop.

Cadbury worked with VCCP’s Retail Experience team, its product & service innovation company Bernadette and global content production studio Girl&Bear to create OOH, retail creative and social elements as well as a dedicated campaign website.

Creative Salon caught up with Cadbury senior brand manager Victoria Grzymek to unwrap the motivations and learnings around this campaign. And to explore Cadbury's creative partnership with VCCP.

Creative Salon: What was the motivation behind the Big Win-Win campaign?

Victoria Grzymek: The “Big Win-Win” was designed from the outset to be a very different type of on-pack promo.

We were inspired to tap into the insight that ‘winning together feels better’. The “Big Win Win” rewards both consumers and shopkeepers alike - demonstrating Cadbury’s brand positioning of generosity whilst also supporting beloved local stores across the nation.

These stores have helped make Cadbury the brand it is today, whilst - as the pandemic illustrated - they are key to our local communities. We wanted to show our appreciation of them.

In this regard, the “Big Win-Win” is an illustration of timeless Cadbury values, but it’s also a response to tumultuous times - creating a competition which is collective, uplifting and warm-hearted. Connecting both consumer and retailer - and enhancing the prize mechanic by providing shared success.

After all, it feels great to win, but it’s even better to win together.

CS: Tell us about the research that led you to this campaign celebrating our corner shops and the people who run them?

Victoria Grzymek: Pre-campaign research emphasised what we’ve all come to learn: consumers and corner shops have both had a tough time of late. Consumers all over the country are struggling with the cost of living crisis, whilst many shops are suffering from increased costs, reduced margins and less footfall.

When you spend time in these stores, it becomes apparent how much people rely on them. They are there for us day and night, through thick and thin, and through Covid-19 lockdowns many people relied on them for both shopping and a deeper sense of community connection.

The Big Win-Win sets out to champion these key features of British society and let people give them the thanks and appreciation they deserve.

CS: The corner shop is a British institution, and has always been about inclusivity of local community. How did you marry the idea of 'Glass And A Half’ with the iconic corner shop?

Victoria Grzymek: The Cadbury brand celebrates ‘the generous spirit in everyone’, and this is reflected in all the work we do. When it comes to promotions, we found in the classic prize-winning format the entrant is the only one to benefit from winning. By looking at promotions again through the lens of generosity, we were able to tap into the insight ‘winning together feels better’ and add an element of appreciation for shopkeepers, thanking them for being shining lights within society and for always being there for us in times of need.

CS: Are there any early results from this campaign that you can share with us?

Victoria Grzymek: It’s early to give too much away but we’re seeing thousands of entries clock up across the UK with consumers winning big for themselves as well as their chosen local corner shop. We can’t wait to hear how local shop owners have responded. From a sales perspective Mondelez singles are growing +21.9 per cent latest 4 weeks, driving the category which is +14.1 per cent. Mondelez singles are growing market share +1.8pp & importantly we are seeing our share of space in Independent stores grow, +4.4 per cent distribution points.*

* Nielsen data 25.03.23, total coverage RSV.

CS: The idea of celebrating generosity was brought to life a few years ago when Cadbury’s opened a Glass and a Half shop. The Big Win-Win is taking this idea forward, how will you continue to keep this idea alive and kicking over the years?

Victoria Grzymek: The Big Win-Win illustrates how an on-pack promotion can be redesigned to feel distinctly Cadbury and build the brand’s generosity brand positioning - essentially, working for the brand in both the short and long term.

This is an achievement recognised across our business and, as a result, this year’s success can be the launchpad to grow the idea in scale and scope. Seeing the engagement & excitement of our amazing retailers across the country is inspiring us to think big on how we can grow and scale this platform next year and beyond.

CS: This campaign taps into the enduring human need for community and belonging - and is drawing on the company’s heritage as an ethical business. How important is it for the brand to bring its purpose to the fore?

Victoria Grzymek: It’s hugely important to us that Cadbury’s purpose is evident in activity like this - so we don’t just claim principles, but practically apply them. After all, Cadbury was ‘born’ as a retailer almost 200 years ago - the brand knows firsthand the role of stores in forging community. It therefore feels fitting that, with campaigns like this, the brand takes inspiration from both its purpose and its past.

CS: You and your creative partners at VCCP have been consistently delivering memorable and award-winning campaigns. What are your top learnings when working together with VCCP that are relevant to optimising creative effectiveness all year round?

Victoria Grzymek: Our partnership with VCCP is built on shared objectives, collective ambition, and a mutual understanding of the potential this fantastic brand continues to possess. And, of course: lots of great chocolate to stimulate every meeting!


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