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This week’s work is a fabulous celebration of modern production techniques.

Whether that be a dramatic pillow fight in an ice-cream spot or the overlaying of a hip hop classic in order to sell cars, or even just a celebration of that first bite feeling when tucking into some fried chicken, this week’s work showcases a delicious range of treatments and illustrates the breadth of creativity that comes from agencies and production companies in harmony.

An Extrême Night In’, Froneri and Droga5 London

Produced by SMUGGLER and directed by Similar But Different, a directing duo composed of Dani Girdwood and Charlotte Fassler, soundtracked by The Runways’ Cherry Bomb, an iconic punk track with a rebellious spirit. This spot by Droga5 for an ice cream just oozes cool.

Ramadan’, Tesco and BBH

Media is changing, and every day we are seeing more creative uses of out-of-home advertising. This week, BBH and Tesco shone a light on those fasting for Ramadan, courteously joining in on the religious practice by altering their billboard to only feature food when it was time to break iftar.

First Bite’, KFC and Mother London

It’s all about the first bite when it comes to KFC, says Leo Sloley, marketing lead at KFC UK&I who commented on this campaign that, “Through extensive research we found that the anticipation of the first bite of our famous fried chicken is a real peak moment in the KFC eating experience... This whole campaign speaks directly to that relatable truth of how people savour our food.”

Feel Good Your Way’, Heycar and Atomic

The online car market is nothing short of saturated, which is why a distinctive campaign centred on a revamped Naughty by Nature classic is just the sort of thing needed in order to stand out.

Dream Transfer’, eBay and McCann London

Chris Kamara and a good cause, what’s not to like? Working with youth charity Football Without Borders, this year, eBay UK hijacked the biggest cultural commerce event of the year; football’s January Transfer Window. The result, a humble campaign that really positions eBay as the ‘people’s marketplace’.


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