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VMLY&R uses LinkedIn’s header banner to boost careers of new creatives

Christopher Joyce and Perle Arteta are the brains behind the "Backing Banners" initiative that uses LinkedIn's redundant banner feature to promote the work of new talent

By Olivia Atkins

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is the most professional social media site out there, directly linking new talent to recruiters for prospective job opportunities. Which is why VMLY&R’s associate senior creative directors have launched new grassroots initiative Backing Banners, to elevate the work of emerging creatives and have their profiles more easily seen by those hiring.

Christopher Joyce and Perle Arteta spotted the redundant header banner space on most LinkedIn profiles and aimed to revamp this area to make the pages of young creatives more appealing.

By connecting with the teams at professional community app Fishbowl, LinkedIn, D&AD Shift and Creative Mentor Network, aspiring employees can sign up to have their work featured in the banner of more senior creatives – with a view of having their profiles stand out and seen by larger crowds.

“Senior creatives have prime real estate that never gets used - the banner on their LinkedIn profile," say Christopher Joyce and Perle Arteta. "Their profiles also get more traffic than most juniors can dream of. Backing Banners connects that traffic to those who need it most.”

So far, six junior creatives have got involved with the initiative and submitted their work to be presented on the profiles of more evolved creatives.

“We see a lot of brilliant talent, but we’re not always in a position to hire them,” continue Joyce and Arteta. “So we explored how else we could help them get their feet in agency doors, or get seen by the people with the best access to those doors.”

The idea is for more mature creatives to pay it forward for younger creatives emerging through the industry.

For senior creatives wanting to lend a leg up to fellow creatives, all they have to do is select a participating portfolio to feature on their LinkedIn profile and download their chosen banner here. They can then post about the initiative and ask their LinkedIn followers to get involved and share their space with creatives seeking more airtime.

To find out more about the movement visit and prepare to be inspired.


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