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McCann's G/Jems on how they go about their creative lives

Creative Circle's Most Promising Creative Team Finalist G/Jems from McCann London share what keeps their creativity inspired

By Gémina Flores & Jemma Burgess

Gémina Flores:

My Instagram Explore section.

Open your Instagram Explore section and I will tell you who you are. I have become addicted to jumping into the infinite hole that is my Instagram. Safe to say that it is my favourite place for finding photographers, directors, stylists, make-up or any kind of artists I would love to work with in the future. Careful though not to get trapped in your own algorithm-based reality, risking to be served the same type of content over and over again. For that I would advise challenging your algorithm by liking content you don’t actually or usually like once in a while. Or you could follow these guys: @pablo.rochat, @mschf, @gabbois, @stylenotcom, @isamayaffrench @matieresfecales, @michaelastark or @selva_ as they never miss posting truly inspiring, original content.

Korean movies. But not the gore ones. 

It was Parasite that got me into Korean movies - but not the horror ones, I can’t do horror. The very slow, ‘psychological’ ones, that portray relationships in a way that always seem so special and different to my European eye. I’m not looking for the plot, but rather for how unusual and interesting those interactions seem to me. I particularly liked and recommend Burning, Decision to Leave and The Handmaiden for those reasons. I also recently got into Hong Kong film director Wong Kar-Wai. ‘In The Mood for Love’ original artwork has been my screensaver since I watched it. I would describe his work as humble and honest, somehow managing to tell extremely deep stories whilst staying on the surface. A bit like Aftersun, I thought.

A Serbian Charity Shop.

I’ve recently visited Serbia for the first time, and can only recommend it. I was walking around a small southern town called Vlacidin Han when I discovered what truly is the best charity shop I’ve ever been into. It had everything I could dream of: a huge collection of maxi-skirts, a clear lack of awareness from staff regarding real item values and a very nice saleswomen who I managed to communicate with only with smiles. I love charity shops. Maybe it’s the creative ego of wearing things no one else can have, or the self-gratifying feeling of doing what’s right for the planet - but I’d say 75% of what I own and wear is pre-loved. Fashion has always been something I like and use to express myself, and I always get very inspired when I get into a charity shop and have to start composing. 

Jemma Burgess:


I genuinely believe that words are written to be spoken, whether that’s in your head or out loud. And if you want to write for the hearts of people, write for theatre. Then watch as someone takes your words and breathes life into them. I would even be as bold to say that theatre is better than film. Outrageous, I know. But with theatre you’re literally right there in the story. It’s visceral. It’s raw. There’s nothing in between you and the performance. It’s where I learnt that tragedy is just a comedy without the laughter. And vice versa. Some of my favourite shows I’ve seen must be People, Places and Things. The Ferryman, Yerma, The Inheritance, Fleabag, The Pillow Man, Come from Away.

Bo Burnham  

Maybe an odd choice. And he’s a bit of an oddball. But he’s one of those lyricists/comedians who can write something that completely slaps you around the face and somehow you want to ask him to do it again. He’s up there with Lin Manuel Miranda and Tim Minchin (who I love). But Bo hits different. I’m infatuated by how he can sing about surface level topics in an incredibly meaningful way. But then talk about emotionally delicate topics in such a light way. A way that makes you stop and think. Completely questioning why, you were laughing in the first place. If you haven’t already seen his viral Netflix show Inside, I highly recommend you do.

Games, Games, and more games.  

I’m a bit of a dopamine junkie, so I love games - whether that be card games, board games or video games - It’s where your imagination unleashes. Where you lose all inhibition. You belly laugh to the point where you can’t breathe. You fight. You shout. You remember that the muscles in your mouth start to hurt from smiling so much. It’s brilliant. One of my favourite games is Dungeons and Dragons. I can spend hours on end engulfing myself into my own imagination. Most recently though, I’ve been quite obsessed with the new game show the 1 % Club where contestants try and answer questions that only 1% of the population can get. It’s quite a workout for your brain but it’s brilliant if you’re fascinated with problem solving or ciphering encrypted messages. 

Gémina Gil Flores is the Creative Art Director and Jemma Burgess is a Creative at McCann London


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