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Breast Cancer Now uses AI in 'Gallery of Hope' exhibition

The campaign, created by BMB, highlights the true value of time for people living with incurable secondary breast cancer

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Breast cancer research and support charity Breast Cancer Now has unveiled a campaign that highlights the true value of time for people living with incurable secondary breast cancer.

Created by BMB for Breast Cancer Now, 'Gallery of Hope' was made in collaboration with people living with secondary breast cancer. The campaign aims to shine a light on the importance of continuing research, the one thing that can help those living with the disease reach the future moments they so want to see.

As part of the campaign, Breast Cancer Now hosted an exhibition of memories yet to be made at the Saatchi Gallery, London on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 March. The moving exhibition shared snapshots of future moments that participants in the campaign described as those which they most hoped to see.

The event is supported by an online gallery and social media activity until the end of March. A documentary film has been released following the exhibition, as well as short films for each person featured in the gallery. The films were directed by documentary film maker Jess Ayles.

The exhibition featured individual portraits shot by renowned photographer Jillian Edelstein, sitting alongside AI-generated images depicting future scenarios. These were created using a combination of AI and photography and are a powerful reminder of the importance of Breast Cancer Now’s research into secondary breast cancer. There are approximately 61,000 people living with the disease in the UK. More research can lead to more treatment options, which in turn can give those living with secondary breast cancer more time.

Jillian Edelstein has over 100 works in the National Portrait Gallery’s collection and some of her most acclaimed photographs include portraits of Nelson Mandela, Catherine, Princess of Wales, and Kate Moss.

To create the photos of the future, AI models were trained on photographs shot by Jillian Edelstein to generate unique images that retain the photographer’s style, as well as poses, facial expressions and likeness in images showing future scenarios. BMB partnered with Untold Studios for the AI portion of the campaign.

The Gallery of Hope will be open to the public at the Saatchi Gallery on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 March. It is being promoted through PR, with strategy and amplification led by W Communications, and organic social activity including a hero trailer that will appear on Breast Cancer Now’s social channels.

Simon Vincent, Director of Research, Support and Influencing at Breast Cancer Now, said: “‘Gallery of Hope’ shines a much-needed spotlight on the realities of living with secondary breast cancer, through people sharing their own experiences and future moments they hope to see. This exhibition hits home just how much more needs to be done for the estimated 61,000 people living with secondary breast cancer in the UK, and the vital role of research in bringing hope – and indeed time – so that people with the disease live to see the future moments that matter so much to them.”

Bianca Eglinton, Creative Director, BMB, added: “We’re so proud to be continuing our work with Breast Cancer Now in a new campaign that gives people living with secondary breast cancer a unique platform through which to share their hopes for the future. We hope that the campaign will help underline the importance of research and contribute to our ongoing mission to get people talking more openly about breast cancer.”

Jillian Edelstein, photographer, commented: “I’m so happy to be able to take part in the Gallery of Hope, to help those with secondary breast cancer visualise the future moments they hope to see, thanks to the incredible research Breast Cancer Now helps to fund.”

Simon Legrand, real-time supervisor at Untold Studios added: “It’s so important that we use AI for good, in this case to raise awareness of Breast Cancer Now’s incredible work. The aim of this project is to provide a sense of hope for people experiencing or affected by breast cancer and we're proud to have played a role in bringing it to life.”

BMB has created a series of successful campaigns for Breast Cancer Now, including the award winning 'The Chat', the UK’s first drama series to play out in a group chat in a messaging app, and 'Stories of Secondary', a moving short film exploring what life is like for people living with secondary breast cancer. The agency’s first work for the charity, 'Real Talk', encouraged people to talk more openly about breast cancer.


Advertiser/Brand Breast Cancer Now

Creative Agency BMB

Creative Director Bianca Eglinton

Senior Creatives Jack Snell & Joe Lovett

Creative Directors Will Marsden & Jordan Down

Chief Creative Officer Matt Lever

Senior Producer (Film) Clancie Brennan

Producer (Photography) Sofi Goddard

Production Assistant Alisha Harrison

Business Director Matt Bonny

Senior Account Director Rosie Morahan

Senior Strategist Amy Bowker

Head of Design Ted Smith

Designer Mark Gould

PR & Media Strategy W Communications

AI Studio Untold Studios

Photographer Jillian Edelstein

Documentary Director Jess Ayles

Post-Production CYLNDR

Editors Jenna Bowden and Richard Smith

Audio Daniel Eppel

Grade Mizo Maclean


Breast Cancer Now

“Gallery of Hope”

Client: Deanne Gardner, Associate Director, Brand, Marketing and Communications

Rachael Franklin, Director of Fundraising, Communications and Engagement Lauren Songour, Head of Brand Marketing and Planning

Daisy England, Brand Marketing Manager

Jess Mason, Senior Brand Marketing Officer

Nicola Shelley, Brand Marketing Officer

Kate Goodbrand-Dillon, Senior Press & PR Manager


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