Mother embraces the art of doing less in new Uber Eats campaign series

New 'Do less' brand campaign will appear across multiple channels

By Creative Salon

Uber Eats' new brand campaign aims to capture the art of doing less. It will appear across TV, BVOD, Cinema, Social, Digital, Print and OOH, running nationwide for the next 8 weeks.

Doing less = more time to live well. For years, we’ve all felt the pressures of endless to-do lists, been sold the belief that in order to live well, we need to find a way to do it all: cook your meal plans, raise your kids well, keep up with all the latest music/series/memes/books that everyone is talking about, build an epic career, and still get 8 hours of sleep every night - or be made to feel like a bit of a failure for not keeping up.

Maya Gallego-Spiers, Head of Marketing at Uber Eats UK&I said: “We’ve been conditioned to keep busy, keep hustling and use every minute of every day to be productive. In a world where the pressure is high to do more more more, we hope to take a little off your plate and give you some time back so you can embrace the art of doing less.”

The ‘Embrace the art of doing less’ campaign includes three hero ads - Do Less Dance, Do Less Nails and Do Less Parrot - all vignettes of what you can do with the time you’re saving by getting the things you need delivered by Uber Eats, each with music that builds a story. Titles read ‘Uber Eats delivers a bit of downtime’ and they end with the new tagline of ‘Uber Eats: Get Anything’. A total of six social films continue the theme. Out of home is bold typography, with headlines including ‘Downtime is served’ and ‘Dishes that take one thing off your plate’ and ‘Sweet f*** all never tasted so sweet’.

Martin Rose of Mother London commented: “After lockdown, we all seem to have accelerated back to a hustle culture of more more more. Rather than aiding that, we wanted to focus on the opposite, the joy of doing less.

Hannah Tarpey of Mother London added: “Focusing on the wonderful weirdness that has time to flourish when we order a delivery and take an evening to be ourselves. We wanted all the work to feel effortless and have space to breathe - films without unnecessary cuts, posters without too much fuss - creating refreshing pauses in a climate of noise.”

Creative credits:

Client: Uber Eats UK & Ireland

Campaign: Embrace the art of doing less

Client lead: Maya Gallego-Spiers, Head of Marketing at Uber Eats UK&I

Creative: Mother

Strategy: Mother

Production Company (TV): Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Andreas Nilsson

Production Company (Social): Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Bine Bach

Post Production: Selected Works

Grade: Hannibal at Bacon via Selected Works

Edit House: The Quarry

Editor: Jonnie Scarlett

Audio: Sam Robson at No8

Music Clearance: Leland Music


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