Photographers unite against climate crisis with Planet-Saving Screen Savers

The initiative, ahead of COP28, is the brainchild of the creative agency The Or

By Creative Salon

A collection of highly-regarded photographers have donated their craft to a project designed to encourage you to switch off your screens. 

Leaving TVs and laptops on standby consumes 10 times the amount of power than when your device is in sleep mode. 'Planet Saving Screen Savers' are a collection of not-so-scenic images designed to encourage you to switch off your screens, thus saving energy.

Launched at the same time as world leaders meet at COP28, Max Virgili, Stephen Burridge, Charlie Birch, Ezekiel, Jay Russell and Daantje Bons are the photographers who have contributed to the project. You can get your own Planet Saving Screen Savers by simply downloading them on this link, and applying them as your screensaver (instructions come attached with your download).

'Planet Saving Screen Savers' is the brainchild of the creative agency, The Or. 

Creatives at The Or, Amy Fasey & Jacob Hellström, commented: “With the world’s neverending list of problems growing, the climate crisis often feels like it’s so overwhelming and out of our hands. Most of these problems will be debated by the world’s governments at this COP28, but there are small little changes we everyday people can all do to make a difference. The Planet Saving Screen Savers are just a simple prompt to remind you to shut the laptop lid, save a bit of energy, and help the climate. Simple.”
If you’re interested in other ways to take meaningful climate action, why not sign up to Friends of the Earth’s email newsletter and hear more about their campaigns to protect people and planet. 



The Or

Creative- Amy Fasey

Creative- Jacob Hellstrom

Producer- Ruth Armitt

Max Virgili
Stephen Burridge

Charlie Birch


Jay Russell

Daantje Bons

Photographers Agents

Tom Burns- Common People

Craig Shipman- LGA Management


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