Argos Xmas 2022

Argos celebrates the return of the Christmas get together

The spot, created by The&Partnership, shows how Argos can create calm among the chaos of Christmas

By creative salon

Argos is celebrating the welcomed return of fun-loving, chaotic Christmas get-togethers in its new ad, created by The&Partnership

Through the story of a small family meal that becomes a very lively party, this year’s ad marks the return of Christmas as we know it, with family, friends and neighbours all showing up to celebrate together.

The ad opens on a home decked out with Christmas decorations, where a couple is quietly preparing for the big day. Questioning “so how many are coming”, as he places a bowl of crisps on the table, the wife responds, “hmm just a few”, completely oblivious to the number of people about to descend on their home.

The scene cuts to a crowd of excitable neighbours wearing their festive glad rags and holding presents and champagne flutes chanting “party”. The scene then switches to a group of enthusiastic bakers wearing colourful aprons, running with trifles in hand, before focusing on some children joining the crowd too.

The wine glasses, Christmas tree and bowl of crisps all start to shake as the soundtrack builds in volume, revealing an orchestral version of Opus’ Live is Life, now synonymous with Argos, as the advert focuses on the multitude of people heading towards the house. As the huge crowd approaches the couple look at each other wide-eyed in panic.

As the crowd begins to multiply, the advert then cuts to a couple frantically running with their babies, before following a pair laughing in hysterics with the joke from their already opened Christmas cracker. The scene zooms out to a wide shot of the crowd – charging down the street and including anyone and everyone, from football fans to family and friends with their suitcases and pillows, anticipating a long stay.

The couple, now more aware of the chaos about to greet them, are taking deep breaths and the wife reassures her husband that “It’s going to be okay” before the champagne from the crowd is popped.

The crowd is finally joined by spirited children firing nerf guns, cutting to an aerial shot of the cul-de-sac filled with all of the different groups of people. A message appears on screen: “They’re coming”, “Be ready”.

The couple look at the nibbles and the husband takes out the Argos app, with the Habitat Dipped Speckle Stoneware Serve Bowl on his screen, stating “We’re gonna need a bigger bowl”, showing that Argos has everything you need to make this Christmas extra special. The doorbell then rings, and the Argos logo appears.

Rob Quartermain, Head of Marketing Campaigns, at Argos has said: “We know how difficult the last few years have been for everyone, so we really wanted to bring a smile to viewers faces by highlighting the fun and comedic moments of Christmas get-togethers, along with the unique experience of being able to bring everyone, from all ages and backgrounds, to share a wonderful Christmas together at home. This year’s advert really aims to celebrate that moment, and how Argos has everything you need to make this Christmas truly special.”

This year’s ad was created by The&Partnership. The 30” spot launches for the first time on Wednesday 9th November across TV and on social. Four different 10” edits are also expected to land across TV and on social towards the end of November.

Toby Allen, Executive Creative Director, The&Partnership said “Argos has always been for everyone, especially at Christmas. And by everyone, we mean everyone. No matter who's coming, how many of them, and what chaos they bring, Argos will have you covered.”

Speaking to Creative Salon Toby Allen said the ad was designed to show how Argos could calm the chaos of Christmas, while also acknowledging the prevailing economic climate.

“Because of the cost of living crisis more people will be hosting at home so you have most people are expecting more people to come over. And obviously there's a World Cup as well so people will be hosting for that so more people coming over means more chaos and we wanted to celebrate that.

"So in the film it's about a huge avalanche of people coming in your direction, and it combines the realism of those people that you know and the characters that you identify, like the non-stop party.

"We wanted to do something that was playful but lean into what people were thinking about, which is how are we going to cope with all these people coming over.

"Amid the extra chaos of this Christmas you create a very clear role for Argos which is Argos have got you covered for everything.”

The campaign’s media budget is split 50/50 between the brand campaign and a series of shorter 10-second product-led spots for specific gifting ideas.

Toby Allen added: “Each 10-second is leading to a specific gifting idea or hosting idea so if it's a World Cup crew coming over you've got a big flat screen; if it's a party is coming over you've got a sound system; if it's the the kids coming over you've got a Nintendo Switch. There's basically something for everyone.”


Client: Argos

Chief Marketing Officer: Mark Given

Director of Communications & Creative: Radha Davies

Head of Marketing & Brand Communications: Rob Quartermain

Campaign Manager: Becky Desert

Campaign Manager: Lisa Ironside

Marketing Campaign Executive: Alice Booth

Campaign Assistant: Ben Arnold

Campaign Title: ‘Avalanche’

Agency: The & Partnership

CEO: Sarah Golding

Chief Creative Officer: Micky Tudor

ECD: Toby Allen

Creative Directors: Chris Clarke & Matthew Moreland

Head of Integrated Production: Charles Crisp

Agency Producer: Alfie Glover-Short

Production Assistant: Carla Sandhu

Managing Director: Gary Simmons

Business Director: Lucy Almond

Senior Account Director: Alex Fitzsimons

Account Director: Misbah Husain

Account Manager: Gabriella Kaas

Account Executive: Sophia Levison

Planning Director: Matt Linnett

Planner: Ed Davenhill

Production Company: MJZ

Director: Gary Freedman

MD/ Executive Producer: Lindsay Turnham

Producer: Jacob Swan Hyam

Production Manager: Charlie Rose Jones

Director of Photography: Stéphane Fontaine

1st Assistant Director: Ben Glickman

Production Designer: John Ebden

Stylist: Michelle May

Editor: Amanda James @ Final Cut

Assistant Editor: Leah Burton and Mike Radforth

Offline Producer: Nikki Porter @ Final Cut

Post Production: ETC

VFX Supervisor: Giles Cheetham

Colourist: Luke Morrison

2D Supervisor: Stirling Archibald

2D Assist: Sebastian Brandow, David Ince

DMP Artist: Carl Edlund

Executive Producer: Vic Lovejoy

Producer: Alex Carswell

Audio Post Production: Grand Central Recording Studios

Audio Producer: Molly Butcher

Sound Designer: Munzie Thind

Music Supervision: Trait Music

Composers: Oliver Mayo


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