TWSC Unveils Tool to help Redefine Business Measurement in Media

'Earned Impact Value' will provide businesses with a comprehensive measure of earned media and creative effectiveness across short, medium, and long-term perspectives

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In a bid to reshape media analytics, The Weber Shandwick Collective (TWSC) has launched its innovative solution, Earned Impact Value. This proprietary tool is designed to carefully assess the business impact of earned media and creative effectiveness, setting a new industry standard.

Earned Impact Value originates from TWSC's Earned Effect Study, done in collaboration with the IPA. The study found that campaigns with sustained coverage and ongoing conversation tend to have a more significant business impact. Utilising this insight, TWSC's Earned Impact Value uses proprietary AI models to measure the influence of earned communications and creative strategies across short, medium, and long-term periods.

The tool consists of three main products. The Earned Score assesses real-time media efforts in the short term, focusing on a brand's coverage and conversation. In the medium term, the Scenario Planner evaluates quarterly impact scenarios, considering potential consequences of changing brand priorities on reputation. For the long term, the Conversion Model examines extended impacts on business outcomes, guiding strategic investments for maximum results.

Elizabeth Gladwin, head of analytics and intelligence at Weber Shandwick EMEA, said: "This is an industry first, and we're proud to introduce Earned Impact Value in the region. By embracing emerging technologies and leveraging their capabilities, we aim to provide clients with the best service and return on investment." Gladwin highlighted the tool's success, noting that Earned Impact Value directly attributed a 9 per cent impact on business outcomes through earned media, with an impressive ROI of 11.5, surpassing other channels. An indirect boost of 28 per cent in the performance of other media channels was also demonstrated for a healthcare client.

The introduction of Earned Impact Value underscores the importance for brands to establish cultural and emotional connections with their audience, emphasising the significance of creating sustainable value and short-term impact.

TWSC combines Weber Shandwick's earned, creative, and data analytics capabilities with expertise in digital and social solutions through its agencies Flipside and That Lot. This integration places TWSC at the forefront of innovative solutions for businesses navigating the evolving landscape of media and communication.


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