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Everyone has a 'thing', something unique that defines them, so says the blurb from Pablo for its most recent campaign for DFS. A real fun ad that showcases the peculiarities and individualities of the animal kingdom. A sentiment shared by The Gym Group, which displays every possible grimace, grin and gurn in a gym in a new campaign created by Lucky Generals.

DFS "The animal thingdom" by Pablo

The 60-second ad brings to life different animals - a peacock, a furry caterpillar, some loved-up lizards, and shows how each stylish creature shows off their personality.

The creative team Chris Bovill and John Allison worked with real animals, puppets and animatronics, and directed by Freddie Powell through Drool.

The Gym Group by Lucky Generals

The ‘Gym Face’ campaign spotlights the ‘gymtimidation’ many feel when they go to work out for the very first time.

The ‘Gym Face’ song is at the heart of the campaign – written by Lucky Generals and recorded by Leland Music – and has launched on all music streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. The song has been sung by stand-up comedian Will Hislop, who describes the various kinds of gym faces people have – from a sweaty face to a red face – to a not-so-confident first-time gymgoer.

Ineos handwash from The&Partnership

Not an obvious choice, some might say. But do you know anything about Ineos? A multinational chemicals company, that happens to be British. And happens to be in one of the fiercest categories - personal care products.

Avoiding the cliche tropes of the hand hygiene advertising category, such as ‘99.9 per cent’ and ‘defence’, the campaign is a bold and unfiltered look into the incredible things our hands help us to achieve every day.

A beautifully hand-crafted brand campaign film. Developed in collaboration with director Maria Sosa Betacor, Biscuit productions and the CounterPress studio, the film shows the many different tasks our hands perform, from everyday moments like tying shoelaces to the life-saving action of CPR.

H&M by Mother

A love letter to young British women and their wardrobes, marking the agency's first work for the retailer.

Using insights gathered over hours of conversations with young women across the UK, H&M and Mother set out to understand how what women wear tells a story about their feelings: from what she reaches for on bloated period days, to the thing she simply isn’t herself without, to the joy of compliments from other women on a night out. The perfect way to talk about fashion - exactly the way women see themselves daily.

New Commercial Arts Not On The High Street

Not On The High Street is trying to turn itself into an all-year resource, as opposed to traditional “gifting occasions,” in the debut campaign from New Commercial Arts. The new theme is ‘Celebrate Life.’

The films, directed by Jocelyn Anquetil at Pulse, feature all the many humorous and relatable moments that provide the perfect reason to gift from Not On The High Street, from getting ghosted to getting a bad haircut to getting some love on your birthday.

Autry by Grey London

An American sneaker brand making a comeback. And a beautifully crafted film starring the former U.S. tennis legend Bob Lutz to celebrate the star's 75th birthday. It is a touching love letter to resurgence and rebound.

The 60-second film describes what it takes to be a legend and one of the strongest US players of all time – despite the fact many today may not have heard of him: “The man, the legend, and now the shoe”.

Truly touching.


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