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Our favourite this week has to be the leaving party we were all invited to. Tina’s leaving do.

Yorkshire Tea campaign featuring Patrick Stewart by Lucky Generals. The star delivers a rousing speech at Tina’s farewell party. It cannot get any more perfect.

The film, directed by Dan Opsal – and shot on location in Harrogate with real members of staff – is the latest in the ‘Where Everything’s Done Proper’ brand platform, launched by Lucky Generals in 2017 and which, the agency says, has boosted the business from 21 per cent to 34 per cent value share.

Sir Michael Parkinson, Sean Bean, the Brownlee Brothers, Dynamo and the Kaiser Chiefs have previously starred in the campaign.

Bodyform #Periodsomnia by AMV BBDO

Another hard-hitting, but inspired, piece from Bodyform and AMV BBDO. What is it like to have your period at night? Violently throwing sheets off sweaty bodies, rolling around, staring at nothing, waiting for it to end. The campaign – informed by the lived experience of sleepless nights from women across the globe – shows it all.

And then there’s the hashtag #Periodsomnia – let’s be building a community out there, should some of us want to talk about it.

Saatchi & Saatchi and EE unveil Hope United 2022

Where to start? English striker Ellen White will turn off her social media accounts this week ahead of the Women’s European Championships. She did the same for the Olympics last year and the 2019 World Cup. White was among the best performers at both competitions, but it has not stopped her being on the end of abuse on social media.

EE is tackling misogyny in football with a campaign that shows online sexist abuse is a man’s problem, not a woman’s. ‘Not Her Problem’ by Saatchi & Saatchi shows female footballers going through pain for their sport, such as having to have stitches or their finger pushed back into place after dislocation.

Gareth Southgate will manage the Hope United 2022 side, whose involvement in sharing digital skills will include featuring in videos over how to block accounts, report online hate in addition to mute and filter offensive content.

This is powerful stuff.

Halifax’s ‘It’s a People Thing’ by New Commercial Arts

An Asian family living through the chaos of their family home. Some of us saw themselves as a whole on the screen. What’s not to like?


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