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Elvis, Fred and Teddy: BBH's Felipe Serradourada Guimaraes on his creative touchstones

BBH's deputy executive creative director and partner shares the artistic references he's inspired by

By Creative Salon

Film: Baz Lurhmann's Elvis

It’s been a film that I watched recently but has really made an impression. The art direction from Baz Luhrmann is impeccable. The camera work is dynamic and different. The casting and performance is incredible. It’s everything I seek to do in my work.

Music: Fred again

It’s an artist more than just one track. He’s primarily a producer but in the last couple of years he’s released three albums that I can’t help to listen to every single day. His music is soulful as most of the voice samples are taken from voice notes or conversations he’s had with people. He’s also an incredible musician, a lot of the music he plays live on stage on a drum machine and if you have a chance to see him in action it is mind blowing. So not only is he an incredible professional that’s mastered his art, he’s also soulful in the way he originates music. That for me is the perfect mix, head and heart.

Fashion: Teddy Santis/Aime Leon Dore

Teddy is the founder of clothing brand Aime Leon Dore. He started off as an art director and I don’t think there is a better art director in the game than him. Everything he touches is crafted and beautiful. The way he built Aime Leon Dore was by creating a world first, and clothes that exist in it. Rather than just creating clothing he created a lifestyle that people what to be a part of. I think as people we want to exist in a world that excites us and the world of Aime Leon Dore is one I would love to live in forever."


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