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Creative Salon's Top 10 Most Read Features

A last look backwards as we reveal our most popular features from 2022

By creative salon

While our list of the top ten most read features seems suitably eclectic, there are some common themes that emerge.

New trends, such as the ascendancy of content studios or the rise of chief client officers, proved popular but most profound of all was how leadership is changing, and agencies with it. This will reverberate in 2023. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

10. The Power Of Poetry In Advertising

The link between advertising and the wider cultural world is well known, particularly when it comes to film. But an increasing number of advertisers are using poetry, such as O2 with George the Poet, and the spoken word to sell their wares.

9. NFTs: The Future Of CRM?

Following the success of the Lionesses in the summer, the FA announced it was looking for a NFT partner to help grow its fanbase and revenue - something that the Australian Open had already pursued. This piece looks at why NFTs are important in CRM.

8. Chris Kay: The Man Who Wants To Lead The Most Influential Creative Company iIn Modern Britain

When Chris Kay was appointed CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi last summer he was taking on a job that carried more baggage than probably any other in British advertising. Here he sets out his ambitious plans for the agency.

7. BBH: When Alex Met Karen

BBH's global chief creative officer Alex Grieve and London chief executive Karen Martin talked about their partnership - as well as Alex's beautiful hair.

6. What Do Clients Get Wrong In The Briefing Process And How Can It Be Made Better

When IPA research showed a worrying disconnect between marketers and agencies in the briefing process, VMLY&R's Anna Vogt, VCCP's Michael Leo, New Commercial Arts' Hannah White and Josh Bullmore provided some solutions.

5. The Rise Of The Chief Client Officer

While the role isn't new, the chief client officer position in agencies has been enjoying a resurgence. But why, and what do they do anyway?

4. So What Exactly Is Sam Hawkey Doing To Fix AMV?

Sam Hawkey took over running AMV in the autumn of 2021. He sat done to tell us about his plan to rebuild the agency back to its pre-eminence.

3. The Rise And Rise Of The Agency Content Studio

Agencies have been investing in their own production resources (but don't call them "in-house"). We asked why the growth and who are the main players?

2. Five Reasons Why... AMV Is Introducing A Radical Benefits Scheme

AMV announced a radical benefits package for employees called Life Changes. The scheme included financial support towards egg freezing or fertility treatment, subsidy for transgender staff towards their transition costs, paid-for relationship break up and divorce counselling. We found out more.

1. The Rise Of The Vulnerable Leader

When Arthur Sadoun, the Publicis Groupe chief, revealed that he had been treated for cancer he recorded a candid message to staff revealing a scar on his neck from the removal of cancerous cells and talking about the distress he’s suffered. It was indicative of how leadership has changed and how the personal and the professional have been brought together as never before.


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