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Valspar Shakes things Up with Transformative Paint Selection

Crafted by Dentsu Creative, the campaign reveals a vibrant paint selection experience set to transform homes across the UK

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Dentsu Creative has unveiled 'Shake It Up' campaign for Valspar, the pioneers of paint choice and mixing. With an innovative approach, Valspar is set to transform paint selection and redefine the consumer experience.

Inspired by the very process integral to paint mixing – the vigorous shaking that blends pigments with base paint – Shake It Up captures the excitement of customisation. Whether customers choose from the 2,000 pre-selected colours or opt for Valspar's cutting-edge colour-matching technology that offers around 2.2 million hues, the result is uniquely tailored paint, ready to transform any space.

The campaign's flagship 30-second ad directed by Sye Allen, unfolds in a mundane beige living room inhabited by a young family. As the room begins to pulsate and shake, eliciting surprised reactions from its occupants, it undergoes a transformative journey, morphing into a vibrant teal epitomises Shake It Up's promise of injecting individuality, colour, and vitality into once lacklustre environments.

Marking a decade-long partnership with B&Q, Valspar acknowledges the evolving landscape of interior design, driven by social media inspiration, lockdown-induced home improvements, and a surge in the 'don’t move - improve' mindset. The Shake It Up campaign aims to propel Valspar to the forefront of consumer consideration for paint, reigniting awareness and inspiring individuals to make their homes truly individual and distinctive.

The creative process behind Shake It Up is a testament to Valspar's commitment to dynamism and authenticity. The campaign's music, crafted by Siren, draws inspiration from the rhythmic vibrations of the 'shakey machine', infusing the brand with a modern and lively atmosphere.

Teaming up with Dentsu X, ‘Shake It Up’ will dominate prime-time television slots across major channels including Sky, ITVX, YouTube, and Channel 4. The social media strategy is equally engaging, featuring interactive content such as 'The longest ever live shake,' inviting consumers to witness the creation of Valspar paint firsthand and offering opportunities to win prizes for their next interior project. Collaborations with popular interior influencers will showcase before-and-after room ‘shake-overs’ using digital 'shake' technology.

Offline, significant efforts have been made to amplify Shake It Up's impact. Dentsu Creative’s brand advocacy experts have engaged internal teams at Valspar and B&Q, shaping how the product is promoted at ground level. Secondary messaging in-store, dynamically displayed as 'Take It, Shake It, Make It,' serves as a concise guide for customers and gives clarity to the mixing process while positioning Valspar as a hub of inspiration.

Born out of the Dentsu Creative Edinburgh and Manchester offices, this is the debut collaboration with Valspar under the Sherwin-Williams umbrella, which has led to a comprehensive overhaul of Valspar's tone, aesthetics, and visual identity. This initiative has resulted in the creation of ten dynamic campaign visuals meticulously designed for diverse touchpoints, spanning the website, paid and organic social media platforms, and retail points of sale, all strategically tailored to resonate with European markets.

As Valspar embarks on this exhilarating journey, Shake It Up encapsulates a pivotal moment for the brand, reflecting its steadfast dedication to innovation, choice, and a brighter colourful future.

Jonathan Greeno Marketing Director at Sherwin Williams said: "In partnership with B&Q Valspar have been shaking up the UK paint category for over a decade now. Dentsu Creative understood our ambition was to accelerate paint tinting’s growth from a niche preference to mass audience choice. With ‘Shake It Up’ we’re encouraging people to embrace the democracy of colour choice – Afterall it’s for your home, your walls, your furniture – now is the time to make them uniquely your own with Valspar."

Neil Walker Creative Director at Dentsu Creative added: "This campaign is not just about challenging people to give their homes a new look, it’s about challenging the norm. Choosing or matching that shade that you love, from virtually any colour that exists, compared to settling for a handful of colours decided by someone else is a no-brainer. Mixing is the standard in the US. Shake It Up is a statement, inviting consumers to reject the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.



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