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EE and Digitas provide AI education platform for young people

The EE LearnSmart Platform has been created in response to UK AI companies increasing by 600 per cent in the last 10 years

By Creative Salon

EE's new artificial intelligence (AI) education skill - available on the EE LearnSmart platform - aims to unleash learning from the classroom and help kids be smarter, safer, and kinder online, driven by the creative and strategic teams from Digitas UK.

According to recent data, the number of AI companies has increased by over 600 per cent over the last 10 years in the UK alone. By enlisting AI expert, Piers Linney, the new AI education lessons aim to equip young people aged 11-17 with essential knowledge and skills to navigate an AI-driven world, addressing a critical gap highlighted by a UNESCO survey, which indidcates less than 10 per cent of schools and Universities have institutional policies or formal guidance for the use of generative AI.

The new skill, the latest to be rolled out by EE, is focused on better education around AI, offering a range of core disciplines to users, including critical thinking, handling biases, dealing with AI misinformation, collaboration between human and machine, and creativity and AI.

Presented by Piers Linney, former investor on Dragon’s Den and co-founder of Implement AI, kids will be taken through three courses to help them navigate the world of AI. The initial topics that are available on LearnSmart now are:

  • Responsible use of AI: Learning to balance creative freedom with accountability

  • Writing Prompts for AI: How to use prompts to get the most out of AI tools

  • How to spot a deepfake: Breaking down the intricacies of detecting deepfakes, and the importance of identifying them in today's digital world

Kelly Engstrom, brand and demand generation communications director, EE said: "We know that the use of artificial intelligence in our world is increasing and so we want to help young people by unlocking their curiosity and passion for learning, and equipping them with the skills to be able to navigate this essential skill during their school years and beyond. Our new AI education lessons on EE LearnSmart do just that – they give young people the expertise and real-life examples needed to confidently grasp and navigate AI.”

Jen Berry, CEO, Digitas UK added: "As our kids grow up in the era of AI, we must equip them with the knowledge and skills to thrive. By collaborating with EE on this initiative, we are taking proactive steps to empower young minds to understand, adapt, and excel in an AI-driven world.”

The AI education skill is available on the EE LearnSmart platform, alongside a suite of digital content, all developed by Digitas UK.


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