TikTok Easy As Pie (Chart)

TikTok for Business takes a humorous bite out of advertising pie

The new campaign was created and produced by Gravity Road

By Creative Salon

Following recent research that demonstrates advertising on the platform is 64 per cent more effective than other digital media, TikTok launches a new campaign highlighting how easy it is to use too.

Partnering with TikTok animator & creator Sam Cotton, the campaign consists of a series of short how-to videos with witty observations about “full-funnel” marketing, where the visual references of agency life actually come to life - led by a talking pie chart.

This campaign directly builds on the success of last year’s TikTok “Talking Heads”, a campaign that reinforced TikTok as a performance channel driving tangible business results. TikTok’s Easy as Pie (Chart) campaign highlights the range of tools and resources available for advertisers on the platform, tackling the perception that building TikTok media plans can be complicated.

Kate MacKenzie, B2B Marketing & Communications Lead at TikTok, said "With tools like Creative Exchange and Creator Marketplace, making ads on TikTok is easy. And what better way to show that than by partnering with the brilliant TikTok creator Sam Cotton to make our own ads. Sam's animated characters transformed our message into a fun, TikTok-native story and Gravity Road's partnership brought our vision to life. We hope this campaign educates and, importantly, sparks some joy."

Sam Cotton is a leading animator on the platform with over 3m followers and 54m likes of his content. “I love Tiktok. It's an incredible platform that gives creators and brands the opportunity to have their work viewed by millions of people. I had a ball on this campaign!”, said Sam Cotton.

It was created and produced by Gravity Road and will run across European markets with a further global roll-out planned later in the year.

Sophie Cullinane from Gravity Road said “when TikTok came to us asking for content which demystified the platform for advertising executives, we knew we had to fight the sea of LinkedIn same-ness by injecting some TiKTok’s pure entertainment and irreverence. Sam Cotton was the obvious choice of creator to bring humour to the dry world of performance.. Pie charts, but make it TikTok.”


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