Lisa Snowdon features in Symprove ad by Lucky Generals

Snowdon flushes away holiday gut worries by introducing the new Symprove dream destination, Lootopia

By creative salon

Welcome to Lootopia. A luxury holiday destination where toilets sit beside the pool, on mountains, on paddle boards and in ancient ruins. Where people with bowel and gut issues can “flush all their worries and anxieties away” and just sit down and “enjoy the falls.”

Obviously, as Lisa Snowdon informs the viewer at the end of the ad, it’s not a real place, but a fictional resort created by Lucky Generals and Symprove for its latest work for the probiotic brand.

As people hit the beach and jump on planes for a much-needed summer holiday, one in four will end up cancelling their much-anticipated plans due to worries and anxiety about gut and bowel issues. To stop anyone from having to be a party pooper this year, Symprove has launched the Symprove Holiday Hub, which holds a wealth of knowledge from doctors and nutrition experts, as well as bespoke advice for managing gut issues while on holiday.

The creative film Lootopia takes us on a journey around tranquil pools, luxury hotels, surfing, and hikes to historical ruins. But this is not just any top holiday destination, the real stars are the toilets that feature in every scene, from beaches to hill tops, the porcelain throne takes front and centre, while waiters present lounging couples, not with tempting cocktails but a selection of loo rolls.

The work will launch on 18 July as part of a Symprove digital activation, once again with presenter and Symprove super fan Lisa Snowdon using her social media to drive awareness to the campaign.

Paul Mallon, head of Special Ops at Lucky Generals, said: “Nothing ruins a relaxing swim more than having to unexpectedly drop the kids off at the pool. This campaign as part of Special Ops brings some light relief to an awkward topic and gives hope to people who might be dreading the logistics of their holiday.”

Sophie Muller, head of brand at Symprove, said: “Sitting in the sun sipping cocktails sounds like a simple holiday dream but for the 13 million people in the UK who suffer from gut issues, it might be a nightmare. This campaign with Lucky Generals is again all about using humour and entertainment to break down gut-health taboos. Unfortunately, Lootopia is only a thing of dreams but the Symprove team is here to offer real world gut health solutions this Summer and all year round!”


Creative agency: Lucky Generals

Brand: Symprove

Production company: Lucky Productions


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