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'Subway has entered the Chat' by Saatchi and Saatchi

Subway takes on McDonald's and Burger King with its own AI generated poster

By Creative Salon

The longstanding advertising tête-à-tête between McDonalds and Burger King welcomed a third player over the weekend, as Subway entered the latest string of tactical executions with its own ChatGPT-led creative. 

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, the latest spot for Subway also used AI to generate a copy-led execution, comparing the icon-status and size of the fast-food giants’ best loved menu items.  

In response to the questions posed by McDonalds and Burger King’s spots, Subway asked the chatbot how a McDonalds Big Mac and a Burger King Whopper ‘compare to a footlong?’, and ChatGPT’s response is presented in bold, brand-led typography: “In terms of size, both are significantly smaller than a footlong sandwich.”  

Kirstey Elston, Marketing Director UK & Ireland, Subway says, "If there's going to be a conversation on iconic sandwiches, Subway will of course get involved. What can we say - even ChatGPT knows our Footlongs are the biggest and best sandwich out there!" 

Franki Goodwin, Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi adds, “There’s a lot of chat about ChatGPT and, while we try not to get too caught up in hype trends,  we couldn’t resist getting in on this conversation. It's a big moment for Subway with the launch of the new Series menu, and what can we say - ChatGPT says they’re the biggest too.”


Campaign Title: Subway Has Entered The Chat

Client: Subway

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

CCO: Franki Goodwin

Copywriter: Sam Pascoe

Art Director: Heath Sims

Planning Partner: Craig Adams


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