The Or launches Brexit Ration Pack to combat festive shortages

The social and OOH campaign is to raise money for The Trussell Trust

By Creative Salon

Mother-owned agency The Or has created a 'Brexit Ration Pack' stunt to highlight this year’s apparent Brexit-induced festive shortages.

Following the UK's departure from the European Union, the country has been hit by an increased cost of Christmas dinner caused by food price inflation as well as increased fears about the implementation of Plan B coronavirus restrictions due to rising rates of Omicron.

In response, The Or has created a tongue-in-cheek campaign to raise donations for the food bank The Trussell Trust, which helps those most badly hit by the shortages this Christmas. 

The Brexit Christmas Ration Pack comes with 12 survival versions of festive classics for each of the 12 Days of Christmas. It includes a single potato, tinned turkey, a tiny bottle of wine, a bottle of British sewage-tainted ‘drinking’ water, a mini jerry can of petrol, a single candle and a match to combat rising energy prices as well as “earplugs to block out the sound of anyone saying that the shortages are nothing to do with Brexit when they really, really are.”

All the items feature bar codes that spell out with numbers and letters the likes of 5T1LL3UR0P3AN, 80R3D0F8R3X1T and M3RRY5H1TMA5, and are all packed into Brexit Christmas Ration Pack bag.

Those who ‘buy’ the ration pack are instead directed to donate to The Trussell Trust.

The Brexit Christmas Ration Pack project is being promoted across social and OOH.

Amy Fasey and Jacob Hellstrom, senior creatives at The Or, said: “We hope people enjoy the dark humour of the ration pack - it’s been fun to create after a year of grim-sounding headlines. Brexit’s knock-on effects have and will continue to hit everyone in different ways this holiday season - and at least this will give us something to smile about when our Brexiteer Uncle Bill starts his annual Christmas rant at the dinner table.”

While the ration packs won’t actually be available to buy to the general public, a few are being produced to be sent out to select journalists and influencers to raise awareness of the stunt and increase donations to the Trussell Trust.


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