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'Snapper, the Perfect Tree' for John Lewis by Saatchi&Saatchi

John Lewis has launched its new Christmas campaign, its debut collaboration with Saatchi and Saatchi. The campaign aims to capture the evolving spirit of Christmas, emphasising the joy found in both traditional and unconventional celebrations. The heart of the campaign revolves around an animated Venus fly trap named Snapper, a whimsical character that adds an unexpected twist to Christmas festivities. The storyline follows a young boy nurturing a fast-growing plant, initially believing it to be the perfect Christmas tree. However, as Snapper outgrows the living room, it becomes an exuberant part of the family's holiday celebrations, symbolising the joy found in unconventional traditions.

'The World Needs More Santas' for Coca-Cola by WPP Open X

Coca-Cola has unveiled its Christmas campaign 'The World Needs More Santas' created by WPP Open X and directed by Pontus Lowenhielm through Pulse Films. The brand has delivered a transformative approach to their festive campaign for 2023. Whilst the traditional advert remains, the brand has built an experience-led ecosystem to drive consumer engagement. The global festive campaign will be adapted by more than 80 markets worldwide and is anchored in a narrative that will focus on the 'magic of kindness'.

'Kevin and The Christmas Factory' for Aldi by McCann Manchester

Discounter supermarket Aldi has unveiled its 2023 Christmas advertisement which sees Kevin the Carrot return for more mischief, this time visiting 'William Conker’s' magical ‘Christmas Factory’. Accompanied by ‘Grate Grandad’, Kevin embarks on his tour of the festive goodie-filled factory, encountering all sorts of mischievous characters on the way including dancing 'Plumty Dumptys' and a 'Spoilt Little Sprout'. Upon passing the test and being handed the cheese to the factory, Kevin asks the wholesome question ‘can I share my good fortune with everyone?’.

'Play Is Your Superpower' for Lego by Droga5 Dublin

The Lego Group has released its Christmas holiday film, which encourages everyone to gift the superpower of play this festive season. This latest installment of the brand’s three-part 'Play Is Your Superpower' campaign showcases how the Lego play experience brings a new dimension to festive family moments, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. For this festive follow up, the super kids are back on their mission to unleash creativity and spread joy through play this holiday season.

'Thank You, Santa' for Boots by The Pharm

Boots has launched its festive campaign for 2023, titled 'Thank You, Santa.' The heartwarming ad revolves around a touching Christmas film that aims to remind viewers that Boots has the perfect present for everyone during the holiday season. The ad follows the journey of a young girl and her mother as they make their way to the North Pole. Armed with a Boots shopping bag filled with various gifts, the duo embarks on a remarkable journey, travelling from the local high street to the snow-covered landscapes of the North Pole. Along the way, the generosity of strangers aids them, and in return, the girl gifts special items from Boots to express their gratitude.

'Feel The Connection this Christmas' for Vodafone by Ogilvy UK

Vodafone has launched its Christmas advertising campaign, focused on the importance of connecting to the people and things that matter most this Christmas. The story highlights how Vodafone’s network has the power to help people and families stay connected, which is an even bigger priority throughout the festive period. At a time when many customers are facing difficult circumstances and the prospect of trimming back on Christmas spending, almost half of people want to see Christmas campaigns that reminds them of better times. Vodafone’s new Christmas ad brings to life the importance of spending time with loved ones and hopes to epitomise Brits’ general feelings to the festive period this year.

‘Hey Sainsbury’s, what does Santa eat for his Christmas dinner?' by NCA

Supermarket chain Sainsbury's has unveiled its Christmas campaign. Set in a Sainsbury’s store as customers are busy shopping for their big-day essentials, a curious girl steps up to the in-store tannoy to ask the all-important question: ‘Hey Sainsbury’s, what does Santa eat for his Christmas dinner?' Despite initial gasps across the store and from the Big Fella himself, her question sparks a flurry of responses from Sainsbury’s colleagues while they are working in stores and delivering shopping to customers’ doors, with each of them offering their suggestions of festive dishes and treats.

'Happy Jingle' for TUI by Leo Burnett UK

TUI's latest film, 'Happy Jingle,' has officially launched as part of the 'Happiness Ambassadors' campaign. In collaboration with Leo Burnett UK and Mitre Studios, the social-first campaign has garnered an impressive 25 million views across all platforms. Aimed at families across the UK, the campaign focuses on the exhilarating moments customers undergo before embarking on their journey overseas—ranging from holiday planning and booking to the anticipation felt even while at the airport.

'More of The Winning Feeling' for Morrisons by Leo Burnett UK

To spread the festive joy this holiday season Morrisons has dazzled viewers with animated oven gloves in its latest Christmas campaign. The heartwarming spot features animated oven gloves that come to life in kitchens across the country, serenading and supporting hosts and chefs as they prepare their Christmas feasts. Set to the classic power ballad 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now' by American rock band Starship, the ad aims to resonate with viewers and emphasise Morrisons' commitment to being there for customers during the holidays.

'It's Time for The Good Stuff' for Waitrose by Saatchi & Saatchi

Waitrose has launched its first Christmas campaign with new partners Saatchi & Saatchi, with 'It’s Time for the Good Stuff' at the core of the creative, along with the Waitrose brand promise of 'Food to Feel Good About'. For many, November marks a moment of Christmas tradition with the start of the festive adverts, and this year, with food and drink as a highlight of Christmas for families and friends. The supermarket chain showcases this through a fun Christmas party where things go slightly awry, but no one notices because the food is 'just that good'.

'Made You Look This Christmas' for Freemans by Mullen Lowe

The digital department store, Freemans, broke tradition and embraced the festive spirit earlier than ever before. The retailer's Christmas campaign kicked off on 27 October, marking the earliest start in its 118-year history. The proactive move comes in response to shifting consumer behaviour, with customers initiating their Christmas shopping earlier than usual. The centerpiece of the campaign, created by Mullen Lowe, is the latest TV advert iteration for the retailer's 'Made You Look' series specifically designed for the Christmas season.

‘Anything Goes’ for Deliveroo by Pablo

The campaign is built off the insight that in the run up to Christmas, we let go of our inhibitions in favour of the weird and wonderful food traditions we’ve built around the festive period. “Mince pie for breakfast? Go on, it’s Christmas!” Informed by insights collected from social listening, order data and customer research - the campaign celebrates putting brussel sprouts on your pizza, pouring gravy on anything, or that Cantonese feast enjoyed as a family on Christmas Eve. Summed up in the hero 30-second TV spot; ‘The rules are, there are no rules.’

'Festival Travel Stories 2023' for Heathrow by St. Luke's

Heathrow Airport has launched its festive campaign for 2023, emphasising the sentiment that the most cherished holiday memories are often created with loved ones, particularly when travelling thorugh the UK’s largest airport. The campaign, crafted by St Luke’s, takes a departure from traditional Christmas clichés by spotlighting intimate moments among travellers embarking on their festive journeys and the enduring memories that ensue.

‘Must be a Jameson’ by Ogilvy UK

Irish whiskey brand Jameson has unveiled a global campaign, ‘Must be a Jameson’, narrated by Irish actor Cillian Murphy. The brand has highlighted the attributes that have propelled the company from its inception in 1780 – 'always welcoming and forever smooth'. The campaign sets out to connect a world full of like-minded people who do not take themselves too seriously. Jameson invites people to toast to being a part of the family, anchored by the spirit of togetherness and community.

'Trains, now on Uber' by Mother

Uber has unveiled a campaign 'Trains, now on Uber' to let the UK know that you can book not only cars and bikes on the Uber app, but trains too. The new campaign dramatises this famous brand’s latest feature by using behaviours and language that’ve become synonymous with everyone’s Uber experience - like the awkward wave to the driver, or the way you confirm you're getting into the right car. The campaign plays on these, adding a new twist to reference the world of trains. The work also highlights that you get 10 per cent back in Uber Credits on every ticket to spend on Trains, Rides, or Eats.

'Tesco Whoosh' by BBH

Supermarket chain Tesco has launched its first major marketing push for Whoosh, its rapid grocery delivery service, with a humorous ad campaign created by BBH aimed at those of us who sometimes just do not want to go to the shops. While there might be a myriad of rational and relatable reasons for rapid grocery delivery - such as forgotten dinner items or emergency supplies - sometimes the truth is, people just do not feel like going out. 'If going to the shops is not your bag, use Whoosh and stick to all the weird and wonderful things that are more your bag.'

'Pain Pass' for Nurofen by McCann

McCann London has launched the next phase of its 'See My Pain' platform with one of the UK’s leading pain brands, Nurofen. With a fifth of women (20 per cent) wanting more resources to aid better conversations between women and their healthcare professionals, Nurofen has launched the 'Pain Pass', a free downloadable PDF to help people track and articulate their pain and symptoms, aid more constructive conversations with their healthcare professional, and help tackle unconscious bias.

Live Art With People's Brainwaves for Art Fund by Pablo

Art Fund and Pablo have teamed up with creative tech specialists at The Mill Experience to create innovative technology that shows the amazing impact art and culture has on the brain. They used headsets to record people’s brainwaves as they visited galleries and museums and converted those brainwaves into beautiful live visuals, to demonstrate what their brains were doing at that exact moment. And the effects are quite extraordinary.


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