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Board games, NFTs and Stoicism: Accenture Song's ECD on his creative inspirations

From magical enchantment games to Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius - Pablo González de la Peña unveils what gets his creative juices flowing

By Pablo González de la Peña

Art: XCOPY and Digital Art

I discovered NFTs at the end of 2021. A bit late, to be honest. Millionaires had already been made.

I quickly created a collection, quickly made a fortune, then quickly lost every penny.

Despite my obvious incompetence, I did learn something. Beyond all the pixelated punks and badly drawn monkeys, there's a constellation of artists and collectors that will blow your mind.

My personal favourite, and the OG artist in the space, is XCOPY.

'Fidenza' by Tyler Hobbs gives me goosebumps about the possibilities of Generative Art. I’m in awe of the genius of Sam Spratt, the eerie creations of Custom Horror, the sense of humour of Alpha Centauri Kid, and the tear-jerking story of Isaac Wright.

A generation of mould-breaking artists is bubbling up in the Web3 space, creating art that connects with a younger generation of art lovers. Curated marketplaces like SuperRare are always worth a look. It’s the wild, wild west of art.

Board game: Mindbug

I can delineate the different phases of my life by the particular fixations I've gone through. From 17 to 20, it was ‘Magic: The Gathering.' I was obsessed. (My dating rate tanked during those years.)

Luckily, my fascination shifted towards advertising, and I eventually moved away from Magic to a more lucrative endeavour.

Having said that, I recently "stumbled" upon a new game by Magic's creator, Richard Garfield. It melds the enchantment of Magic with the strategic bluffing of poker. I can’t stop thinking about it.

My wife is nervous. Date Night is on hold...

Podcast: Philosophize This!

One of my life's regrets is not giving philosophy a shot.

Especially because my world got so much happier when I stumbled upon modern Stoicism. I found Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus surprisingly down to earth. Simple teachings that really had an effect in my daily life.

For the sweet spot between overly simplistic and head-spinningly complex, I love ‘Philosophize This!’ It's an incredible database of classic and contemporary philosophers, explained with stunning simplicity and a good dollop of humour. To understand today's issues and moral dilemmas, give it a try. (When you're not playing Mindbug.)


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