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Creative Conversations With Nick and Nadja

We sat down with AMV BDDO's joint chief creative officers to find out more about what makes them tick

By Elliot Leavy

AMV BBDO's Nick Hulley and Nadja Lossgott need little introduction. The pair have won over 20 Grand Prix at Cannes, and are behind some of the past decades most iconic work from busting taboos with "#wombstories" to celebrating the end of the pandemic with Guinness' "Welcome Back".

We sat down to hear more of how some of these campaigns happened, what life as a chief creative officer actually entails and what they do when they aren't making stellar creative.

And what are the skills they're looking for in new talent? Is it curiosity or is it more?

Both Nadja and Nick talk about resilience in the creative process and how it [the process] also requires a level of humour and tenacity to push with great ideas. As Nadja says: "You can have an idea in a vacuum, but then you still need to to make it, and tell the story in the most beautiful way. And make it so that it comes out this visceral, interesting, iconic, inspiring and stunning thing. I think that it just takes so many people to get all of that right."


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