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Amazon Alexa goes back in time to the Wild West

Created by Droga5, the campaign highlights how Alexa helps make a difference in your life

By Creative Salon

Preceded by Ironing, Opera, Pompeii and most recently Prom, this latest outing for Alexa sees us go back in time to the Wild West.

The film opens outside a saloon in a typical town where we see two cowboys facing off. The rising tension is palpable as they exchange words, hands poised at their sides, before a voice suddenly interjects.

A lady, dressed in modern attire and lounging on a sofa, has appeared in the middle of the town. She’s hard of hearing and asks them to give her a hand. Cue the cowboys holding up painted boards, subtitling the scene, including a comedy exchange debating the accuracy of a music-related description. As we cut back to reality, we reveal the woman watching the Western at home on her sofa as subtitles appear across the bottom of her TV.

As with the previous spot, Prom (also shot by Lance Acord where a couple in their 70s use Alexa to spark a memory through the power of music), this campaign aims to highlight how Alexa, regardless of who you are, your age or ability, helps you make a difference in your life.



Amazon Global Chief Creative Officer -Simon Morris

Amazon Executive Director of Global Creative - Jo Shoesmith

Amazon Group Creative Director - Colin Gaul


Chief Creative Officer - David Kolbusz

Executive Creative Director - Shelley Smoler

Creatives - Ethan Bennett, Liam Crerar

Managing Director - Heather Cuss

Account Director - Max Levine

Senior Account Manager - Rob Henderson

Head of Strategy - Damien Le Castrec

Head of Production - Chris Watling, Peter Montgomery

Agency Producer - Josh Sanders

Agency Assistant Producer - Manon Rees


Production Company - Park Pictures, LA

Director - Lance Acord

Executive Producer - Stephen Brierley

Producer - Caroline Kousidonis

DoP - Lance Acord


Agency - Trim

Editor - Paul Hardcastle

Assistant Editor - Ben Elkaim

Producer - Noreen Khan


Agency - Time Based Arts

Executive Producer - Sian Jenkins

Head of Production - Josh Robinson

Producer - Sean Ewins

CD / Shoot Supervisor - Robert Olsson

2D Lead Artist - Sheldon Gardner

2D Artists - Adam Fenwick, Jamie Crofts, Matt Shires, Ollie Ramsey, Ralph Briscoe, Sarah Breakwell

3D Lead Artist - Guillaume Heussler

Colourist - Daniel De Vue

Colour Assist - Ale Amato / Corey Martinez / David Oh


Agency - String & Tins

Sound Design - Lawrence Kendrick

Audio Post Producer - Eimear Gorey


Composers - Robert Miller


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