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Dove Invites The World To Take A Stand Against Digital Distortion

The influencer-led campaign has been developed by Ogilvy and David

By Creative Salon

Dove is calling on its global community to #TurnYourBack to the trending Bold Glamour filter. As the harmful filter sweeps social channels with content creators calling out its dangers, Dove is inviting everyone to join them to take a stand as part of its ongoing commitment to #NoDigitalDistortion in any of its advertising or marketing.

The filter launched while Ogilvy was hosting a global creative meeting with members of its creative community from around the world. The brief was put out as a Borderless Brief to the creative community and in less than 24 hours they agency had over 250 slides worth of ideas. The end result is a product of the borderless creativity that drives Ogilvy’s global creative network. In the end, the team rallied around the idea for #TurnYourBack, which was created by DAVID Madrid and Ogilvy UK with production assistance from DAVID São Paulo.

Firdaous El Honsali, global vice president of external communications at Dove, said: “While social media filters can be a source of creativity and self-expression, Bold Glamour goes beyond ‘play.’ Tools once only available to professionals can now be accessed by young girls at the touch of a button and without regulation. At Dove, we are committed to #NoDigitalDistortion in any of our marketing and advertising so that we can support a more positive environment on social media that is representative of real, authentic beauty. When young people distort their images, they distort their minds too. We are calling on our community to join us to turn their backs to the toxic Bold Glamour filter and stand up for real beauty. Because real beauty is bold!”


The influencer-led campaign, developed by Ogilvy and DAVID, is kicking off with content creators sharing how they personally feel about the Bold Glamour filter and the damage it can do (and is doing) to social users. The Bold Glamour filter presents a concerning ideal of ‘beauty’ – one that looks real, too real. In the seven days since it launched, the hashtag has been viewed more than 365M times (probably more by now).

The campaign is galvanising people to stand together and physically turn their backs on this harmful form of digital distortion. Here are some examples of content creators who have already posted #TurnYourBack. The influencer-led campaign will continue to roll out with additional large scale digital content and OOH executions.

Liz Taylor, Ogilvy’s global chief creative officer, said: “The irony is not lost on me that I learned about this filter while standing in a room of global creatives talking about the ways we can use emerging technologies to create a positive impact. When technology penetrates culture in harmful ways, we have a moral obligation to stand up and take action. The Bold Glamour filter reinforces the toxic beauty standards that Dove has been working to abolish. Glamour has never been about conforming to just one look or one standard, and we need to galvanize people to take a stand against the damage that digital distortion is having on young people. Watching how our team came together with passion, fight, and true borderless creativity to take on this issue was a powerful example of how together we can change beauty.”

Daniel Fisher, global executive creative director at Ogilvy, added: “Watching how we came together as a global network to turn this around in six days from brief to going live gave me goosebumps and brought back memories of ‘Courage is Beautiful.’ Like that work, this campaign is hugely timely and important, and I hope it will go on to make a similar impact. Filters like this might feel like a bit of fun but they are potent tools that are destroying the self-esteem of millions of young girls.”

According to Rahul Titus, global head of influence at Ogilvy, “This campaign is very special to our team especially given our recent initiative around not working with influencers that distort their bodies or faces. Influencers create culture and as an influencer industry we have a duty of care to the millions of people that tune into the content we put out. #TurnYourBack is a perfect example of how we can be part of the solution.”



Alessandro Manfredi, Chief Marketing Officer, Dove Unilever

Firdaous ElHonsali, Global Vice President of External Communications & Sustainability, Dove Unilever

Pau Bartoli, Global Brand Director, Dove Masterbrand Unilever

Lynsey Smith, Head of Global Dove Influencer Marketing Unilever

Sarah Potter, Head of Global PR Dove Masterbrand Unilever

Alix Colin, Global Senior Manager Dove Masterbrand Unilever

Kathryn Fernandez, Brand Director, US Masterbrand Unilever

Jillian Engel, US Content Lead, Dove Unilever

Agency & Partners

Pancho Cassis, Global CCO DAVID Madrid

Sylvia Panico, Global COO DAVID

Sandra Azedo, Global PR Director DAVID

Saulo Rocha, CCO DAVID Madrid

Pedro Sattin, Creative Director DAVID Madrid

Jose Sancho, Creative Director DAVID Madrid

Daniela Botero, Art Director DAVID Madrid

Miguel Ángel Gómez, Copywriter DAVID Madrid

Daniel Fisher Global, Executive Creative Director (Unilever) & Special Projects Ogilvy UK

Lisa Bright, Global Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy PR & Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy California Ogilvy US

Liam Bushby, Global Creative Director Ogilvy UK

Alison Stevens, Global Creative Director Ogilvy UK

Ian Brassett, Senior Creative Ogilvy UK

Dave Anderson, Senior Creative Ogilvy UK

Lindsey Gonnella, Chief Strategy Officer, One Unilever Ogilvy NY

Jo Bacon, Global Client Lead, Ogilvy UK

Doug Le Patourel, Global Managing Partner Ogilvy UK

Carmen Vicente Soto, Global Account Director Ogilvy UK

Grace Boyle, Global Account Manager Ogilvy UK

Jay Perez, Creative Project Manager Ogilvy UK

Chloe Jahanshahi, Senior Art producer Ogilvy UK

Megan Sturgess, Senior Producer Ogilvy UK

Rahul Titus, Global Social and Influence Lead Ogilvy UK

Andrea Maylor, Global Influence Business Director Ogilvy UK

Poppy Richards, Influence Director Ogilvy UK

Miriam Martinez, Influence Manager Ogilvy UK

Samia Ahmed, Influence Executive Ogilvy UK

Nayria Kodazian, Influence Strategy Associate Director Ogilvy CA

Ansley Williams, Head of Influencer, North America Ogilvy US

Lara Olson, Influencer Senior Strategist Ogilvy US

Surbhi Gandhi, Influencer Strategist Ogilvy CA

Jaclyn Modena, Influencer Senior Strategist Ogilvy CA


Thais Sanches, Executive Production, Attendance DAVID Brazil

Fernanda Peixoto, Production Director DAVID Brazil

Letícia Brito, Production DAVID Brazil

Mariana Bueno, Attendance Assistant DAVID Brazil


Cristian Migueliz, Editor DAVID Madrid

Manuel Martín Gavilán, Editor, Freelance Madrid


Ricardo Barcellos Image Producer, Direction, Director of Photography RICARDO BARCELLOS PRODUÇÕES FOTOGRÁFICAS LTDA Brazil

Colour Retouching:

Manuel Martín Gavilán, Head of postproduction Freelance Madrid

Sipke Visser, Director of retouching  Frisian London

Olivia Jones, Senior retoucher Frisian  London


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