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Alzheimer’s Society Launches An Emotional 'Vow' In A Spot By NCA

The charity worked with NCA to create a new film, with OOH and press shot by Mary McCartney and radio narrated by Colin Firth

By Creative Salon

New Commercial Arts, with charity client Alzheimer’s Society, have launched a new integrated campaign 'The Ultimate Vow’ which highlights the devastating effects of dementia and the charity's commitment to help end this devastation. 

The film, directed by James Rouse, follows Adam & Laura and the struggles their relationship faces,  from the moment Adam first experiences the early stages of dementia and the continuation as his condition deteriorates. Over the film we hear Laura narrating her vows, creating a powerful juxtaposition between what would have been one of the happiest days of her life to the most testing times of their relationship. During the couple's struggles, we see the arrival of an Alzheimer's Society  Dementia Adviser and with this, vital support to both Adam and Laura.  

The film ends with a call for donations to ‘help end the devastation caused by dementia’, narrated by Colin Firth so that Alzheimer’s Society can continue raising vital funds, and give help and hope to everyone living with dementia. 

Alongside the film, portraits of three real-life couples shot by Mary McCartney will run across OOH, Press & Social. Each portrait tells the story of when the couple first made their own commitments 'in sickness and in health' and how Alzheimer’s Society has ‘vowed’ to do the same since the relationship first started between the charity and the couple. 

Media planning and buying was managed by MediaLab. The campaign launched on Thursday, the 9th of March, with a 90” spot at 7:40 am during Good Morning Britain on ITV Breakfast, and will run across TV, Cinema, OOH, Press, Radio, and Social.  

New strategic position, identity, and brand promise created by Alzheimer’s Society and agency partner New Commercial Arts. 

The launch of the ‘The Ultimate Vow’ campaign coincides with the reveal of the charity's new brand positioning including a new identity and brand promise for Alzheimer’s Society. Alongside agency partner New Commercial Arts, the charity researched different platforms and identities with core audience groups to land on a new strategic position, identity, and brand promise which represents a revitalized direction for the Alzheimer’s Society. 

The new logo heroes a modernized forget-me-not flower, which has been used by the charity since  2010. The new brand line, “Together we are help & hope for everyone living with dementia” encapsulates that the Society is a vital source of support for everyone living with dementia today, and a powerful force for change by campaigning to make dementia the priority it should be and funding ground-breaking research discoveries. 

The new strategic positioning, identity, and brand promise will appear across every touchpoint of the charity, with the view to drive awareness, understanding, and fundraising for Alzheimer's Society.

Jules Middleton, Creative on Campaign, New Commercial Arts said, "My Dad was diagnosed with dementia in his 60s, just at the start of my creative career, so I have lived through the devastation it causes. My Mum told me if she had fully understood what the ‘in sickness’ of her wedding vows actually meant, she was unsure she would have committed to them.  But luckily for me, she did, and that promise (and relationship) is what created the kernel of the idea for The Ultimate Vow. 

Dealing with dementia can leave you feeling hopeless and completely disempowered, but through this project, I have regained a little bit of that power back. Hopefully, through raising awareness of  Alzheimer’s Society, more people will support their work and can access their services to get a little  bit of power back in their lives too.” 

James Rouse, Director on campaign, Biscuit Filmworks quoted, “I wanted to work on The Ultimate Vow for a variety of reasons. As a storyteller, the script moved me greatly, the power of long-lasting love and commitment through the toughest of times. I knew I  would love the opportunity to work with the right performers to bring these complex emotions alive.  But I also wanted to work on the film for personal reasons, to make a small contribution to helping those living with this terrible condition. I, like many, have witnessed first-hand how it can affect both the person with the condition, and those that care for them, and it’s brutal. I sincerely hope that our film makes a difference. 

My aunt and my grandfather had dementia, and my mother was the one to take the brunt of care on each occasion. I was in my late teens when it happened to my grandfather, and my late 30s when it happened to my aunt. In both cases, it was very painful to watch the person you loved gradually become as unrecognizable to me as I was to them. It’s only now, as I get older (and a little less selfish!), that I can appreciate what my mother went through as she cared for them. 

It seems clear that dementia needs to become more of a priority. We have an aging population and medical advances mean that we continue living to an ever-older age. On this basis alone we  can see that the number of those struggling to live through this condition will only increase year on  year, and in all likelihood living longer through it.” 

Mary McCartney, Photographer on the campaign said, “I’ve always been drawn to people and their relationships, focusing my photography on discovering those rare moments of unguarded, emotionally charged intimacy. That's why I wanted to be part of this campaign for Alzheimer’s Society. To visually highlight these relationships and the cherished moments within - moments that become challenged due to dementia. I hope these images help  to raise awareness of both dementia and the crucial work of Alzheimer's Society.” 

Harriet Foxwell-Corden, Associate Director of Brand and Marketing, Alzheimer's Society said, "One in three of us born in the UK today will develop dementia in our lifetimes. It’s the biggest health and social care challenge we face, but dementia isn't the priority it should be. This campaign helps to shine a spotlight on the devastation dementia causes every day, and why the work of Alzheimer's  Society - providing support today and researching the life-changing breakthroughs of the future - is so vital to help end this devastation. We vow to help people through some of the hardest and most  frightening times of their lives, and through this campaign, we hope to be able to reach even more  people who need us." 


Campaign: The Ultimate Vow 

Brand: Alzheimer’s Society  

Agency: New Commercial Arts 

Alzheimer’s Society: 

Exec Director of Fundraising and Marketing: Alex Hyde-Smith 

Associate Director, Brand & Marketing: Harriet Foxwell-Corden 

Senior Marketing Manager: Victoria Evans 

Marketing Executive: Laura Parsons 

Marketing Executive: Ellie Jerman  

New Commercial Arts: 

Chief Creative Officer: Ian Heartfield 

Artistic Director: Nici Hofer 

Creatives: Jules Middleton & Peigh Asante  

Director of Production & Operations: Matt Craigie-Atherton 

Film Producer: Lucie Georgeson 

Print Producer: Amanda Davies 

Chief Executive Officer: James Murphy 

Business Director: Miriam Goode  

Senior Account Director: Janki Shah  

Chief Strategy Officer: David Golding 

Planning Partner: John Blight 

Project Director: Sylvie Edwards 

Film Production: 

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks  

Director: James Rouse  

Producer: Benji Howell  

Exec Producer: Rupert Reynolds-Maclean  

DoP: Mark Wolfe 

Production Designer: Guy Thompson 

Wardrobe Stylist: Selina Wong 

Editing Company: Work Post  

Editor: Bill Smedley  

Edit Assistant: Rebecca Quinn  

Edit Producer: Antonia Porter  


Post production: Untold Studios 

EP: Tomek Zietkiewicz 

Producer: Simon Downie/Jordan Malonga 

VFX Supervisor: Ben Cronin 

VFX Artists: Kia Coates

Colourist: Julien Alary 

Colour Producer: Eli Sandal 


Audio Post Production: Factory Studios  

Sound designers: Anthony Moore / Josh Campbell 

Music Supervision: Sean Craigie-Atherton @ Manderley Music 

Composer/Arranger: Guy Farley 


Photographer: Mary McCartney 

Agent: LGA 

Production: LGA 

Retouching: Hand of God 

Design: King Henry 


Integration Director: Nick Parker 

Client Managing Director: Owen Taylor 

Business Director: George Gwilliam 

Senior Account Manager: Emma Tipping 

Account Manager: Amy Bevis:


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