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Diet Coke showcases the ways fans relish the drink

The campaign was created by WPP Open X, led by Studio X and supported by Essence Mediacom and Ogilvy PR


Diet Coke has put its unwaveringly loyal fans at the centre of its new advertising campaign, 'Love What You Love, By You' to celebrate consumers love of their iconic 'Diet Coke' break and being unapologetically themselves.

The iconic brand has revealed two new ads, Diet Coke Breaks Inspired by You, directed by award-winning Marie Schuller, which are now live across TV, VOD, OOH, cinema and online. The adverts follow Diet Coke fans as they navigate their everyday lives, and how they get to sip, savour and relish their beloved Diet Coke.

The first 30 second ad sees Gemma debuting a new style at the office and, as she starts off feeling a little unsure of her bold leopard print outfit choice when strutting across the office floor, her Diet Coke, and of course a new pair of leopard print boots to match her jacket, sees her truly embrace her own unique style. We also see within the 30-second advert a family game of hide and seek with a mother choosing her ‘hiding’ moment wisely. Leaving Dad in charge of the kids, the mum picks up her Diet Coke from the fridge and sneaks off for a Diet Coke Break in her car; a well-deserved moment of calm in her busy daily life.

The second ad, a 10 second video, introduces three ‘Vics’ - Vicky, Victor and Victoria - who all lay claim to a can of Diet Coke labelled in the communal office fridge. In the witty asset, the first ‘Vic’ grabs the can, before having to pass it to the second and then finally onto the third who cracks it open and is lucky enough to be the one to enjoy a thirst-quenching Diet Coke break.

The new ads come as part of Diet Coke's 2024 'Love What You Love, By You' campaign which is already live across OOH and Digital, that puts fans love for the brand in the spotlight with quotes from real drinkers across the UK celebrating what their Diet Coke break means to them.

Omar Sadiq-Baig, Senior Brand Manager at The Coca-Cola Company, said: “We love that each of these stories are inspired by real life Diet Coke breaks, shared with us by real fans. We know for many years that we have some of the most loyal consumers to our brand, so this year we've put them at the forefront of our campaign to celebrate their individuality. We hope this latest phase of our 'Love What You Love, By You' campaign inspires and celebrates everyone’s different Diet Coke breaks. And, it’s a lesson for us all, avoid the fighting over that last can of Diet Coke in the office fridge and shotgun your name on it!"


The campaign was created by WPP Open X, led by Studio X and supported by Essence Mediacom and Ogilvy PR.

Agency – Studio X Madrid

Director - Marie Schuller

Photographer: Javier Ruiz

Production Co - RSA Film

Media Planning - Essence Mediacom

Integration Lead: Antonio Martín

Integration Manager: Mónica Alonso

EU Creative Lead: Alejo Molochnick

Creative Director: Patricia Medeiros

Senior Art Director: Eduardo Macedo

Senior Copy Writer: Leonardo Marcal

Executive Producer: Ella Elliot

Producer: Andrea Cuevas


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