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Deliveroo presents ‘Decision Time' campaign

Deliveroo releases next campaign in its ‘Food. We Get It’ platform, conceived by Pablo

By Creative Salon

Deliveroo has revealed the next campaign as part of the brand's ‘Food. We Get It’ platform. ‘Decision Time’ celebrates great food and showcases the delicious choice of dishes and competitive offers available on Deliveroo from national chains to local favourites. The dilemma? You want everything. So what’s it going to be this time?

‘Decision Time’ shines a spotlight on the delicious dilemma of choosing your next meal on Deliveroo - from the cheesiest of pizzas, to the juiciest of burgers, and the crispiest of fried chicken, Deliveroo has a range of foods that you could only dream of.

Created by Martins Millers, David Carr and Gustavo Bonzanini from Creative Agency Pablo, the 30” TV spot follows a journey through the mind of a hungry consumer, as we watch her initially scroll through an array of flavourful options, to be immersed into a world of hyperbolic food suggestions, eventually ending in a shower of crispy fried chicken. The spot has been magnificently VO’d by Owen Teale, a voice now synonymous with Deliveroo.

Caroline Harris, Marketing Director UKI at Deliveroo said:

“Our new ‘Decision Time’ campaign is built from a real human truth. With so many brilliant local restaurants and national brands to choose from, this campaign showcases the delicious journey that consumers go on when browsing through our app deciding what to order, whilst demonstrating our brand’s role in bringing these options directly to their door.

Dan Watts, Executive Creative Director at Pablo said:

“Life is full of decisions. Like whether to order curry or chinese on a Friday evening. Luckily Deliveroo caters for all your food joys - whichever way you choose, you’ve won. It’s been a culinary delight working with Deliveroo and Blinkink on this - whose craft and care are as exquisite as a bacon double cheese brioche.”

Working with Director Joseph Mann, who also directed Anchor’s ‘the caf’, and Blinkink production, the commercial was shot in an ambitious one-day shoot. High-wire acrobatic shots of the lead protagonist, and a mixture of in-camera and post-effects (via Untold) were employed to achieve a sense of the world inside her imagination. SFX and music were provided by Wave, which helps bring to life the world of choice across the app, in Deliveroo’s signature humorous tone.

This campaign continues Deliveroo’s food-first approach, putting excellent quality and range of dishes at the fore-front of their communications.

Alongside the 30” TVC, there is a 10” cut down, which frames the range of offers widely available across different restaurants featured on Deliveroo. The ATL campaign is supported by TTL work & runs across TV, social & digital, continuing to showcase the choice and offers available via Deliveroo.

Creative credits:

Deliveroo Credits:

Marketing Director UKI: Caroline Harris

Director of Marketing, Brand and Media UKI: Ollie West

Senior Marketing Manager UKI: Mel Caplan

Marketing Associate: Antonia Munday

Pablo Credits:

Chief Executive Officer: Gareth Mercer

Executive Creative Director: Dan Watts

Managing Creative Director: Laura Rogers

Creatives: Martins Millers, David Carr & Gustavo Bonzanini

Managing Partner: Sam Morgan

Head of Planning: James Broomfield

Business Director: Jamie Isaac-Richards

Account Director: Kate Shepperd

Account Manager: Holly Harvey

Head of Production: Tom Moxham

Acting Head of Production: Charlotte Lipsius

Senior Producer: Rose Reynolds, Adrianne Godfrey

Project Director: Katie Houghton

Film Production Credits:

Director: Joseph Mann

Executive Producer: Josef Byrne

Producer: Jack Bristow

Production Company: Blinkink

Art Director: Alison Dominitz

Production Company: Blink Ink

DOP: Joe Douglas

Editor: James Rosen at Final Cut

VFX: Untold Studios

Creative Director: Ben Cronin

Colourist: Aubrey Woodiwiss

On Set Supervisors: Christian Baker/George Rockcliffe

Executive Producer: Tomek Zietkiewicz/Tom Igglesden

Producer: Simon Downie

Production Assistants: Helena Almeida

VFX Artists:

Nina Mosand

Roman Sotola

Kia Coates

Julie Cruette

Dave Ince

Johan Alfort

Paul Stirling

Lewie Hodd

Henry Affonso

George Kyparissous

Lynn Decker

Sound Engineer: Tony Rapaccioli

Sound Studio: Wave Studios

Music Company: Major Tom


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