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'When Did 10 Stop Looking Like 10?' for Dovy by Ogilvy

Dove and Ogilvy have launched 10 vs 10, a powerful new campaign following their influencer-led #TheFaceof10 project, drawing attention to the steep increase in ten year old girls engaging with anti-ageing trends. The new campaign shines a light on how young girls are being exposed to adult skincare content, and it’s creating societal pressure for them to adopt unnecessary anti-ageing skincare regimens before they’ve even grown up.

'Smugglers' for Marmite by adam&eveDDB

Marmite has called on loyal fans in the UK to spread the love in its new cross-border campaign created by adam&eveDDB London and New York. The Unilever brand is going to extreme lengths to get jars of the sticky breakfast spread into the US for desperate British expats hankering for their Marmite fix. Surveys regularly show that Marmite is one of the most missed products by expats, and right now, over 700,000 Brits living in the US have little or no access to Marmite. So, for this new campaign, 'Smugglers', Marmite is recruiting daring volunteers in the UK to sneak the spread into the US in a trans-Atlantic show of support for expats.

'Chicken That Hits Different' for McDonald's by Leo Burnett

McDonald’s latest film by Leo Burnett, “Chicken that hits different” celebrates the full range of McDonald’s chicken. Leo Burnett have created a film for McDonald’s chicken menu featuring a succession of scenes that blend into one another as the characters finish each other’s sentences and each enjoy items from the fast-food chain’s broad chicken range.The omnichannel campaign shares what makes McDonalds chicken different and was informed by the finding that it is McDonald’s broad range of chicken that makes it stand apart from the competition.

Great British Racing by BMB

BMB has delivered the first phase of work for British horse racing clients Great British Racing (GBR), the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) and racing’s Horse Welfare Board (HWB), to help improve engagement and public trust around equine welfare and safety within the sport. Horse racing is Britain’s second biggest spectator sport but concerns over the welfare of its equine athletes is the greatest threat to the sport’s social licence and a recognised barrier to engagement. As part of a step change for the industry, Great British Racing, the British Horseracing Authority and the sport’s Horse Welfare Board came together in 2023 to create a brief to find an agency to help racing tackle these challenges head on.

'Name Swap' for Hellmann’s by Edelman

In the fiercely competitive world of condiments, the battle between Heinz and Hellmann’s has taken an unexpected turn. As ketchup reigns supreme in most condiment choices, Hellmann’s, renowned for its creamy mayo, has launched a daring campaign aimed at mayo enthusiasts who happen to share the surname Heinz.

'Get The Day Done' for Pilgrim’s Food Masters by Saatchi & Saatchi London

Saatchi & Saatchi has launched new work with Fridge Raiders celebrating all of the busy, on the go doers who ‘Get The Day Done’ - with a little snacking support along the way, of course. Looking at the broader role that Fridge Raiders, a Pilgrim’s Food Masters brand, plays in busy people’s lives, the work shows how the real chicken snacks are synonymous with doing more.

Dulux Heritage by Ogilvy UK

Dulux Heritage unveils a new campaign by Ogilvy UK that reimagines the covers of 12 literary classics to create an entirely new way to choose colour. Dulux Heritage Editions are a collection of luxury paint hues that have been paired with 12 iconic novels ranging from War of the Worlds, Dracula and Moby Dick to 1984, Little Women and Frankenstein. Each book’s emotional narrative has been analysed and matched to hues that evoke the same mood and feelings.

'McDelivery Anticipation' for McDonald’s UK by Leo Burnett UK

McDonald’s UK and creative partners Leo Burnett UK have captured the excitement of waiting for a McDelivery to arrive in its new OOH campaign ‘McDelivery Anticipation’. Building on the existing creative platform, ‘There’s nothing quite like a McDelivery’, Leo Burnett’s latest work for McDonald’s, ‘McDelivery Anticipation’ features a series of three executions shot by renowned photographer, William Green.

'The Big Win Win' for Cadbury's by VCCP

The Big Win Win is a nationwide campaign from Cadbury designed to foster generosity and community spirit. It provides consumers with the chance to support local shops by purchasing their favourite Cadbury chocolate bars, whilst also giving them the opportunity to win cash prizes for themselves and nominate a local shop to receive an equal amount. Additionally, in celebration of Cadbury's 200th anniversary, the prize pool has been boosted to £200k.

‘Sicker than the Patients’ for Frontline19 by adam&eveDDB

With over half of NHS workers suffering from poor mental health and with one in four NHS staff having considered suicide , the new campaign underlines how, in many cases, NHS staff are sicker than the patients they are treating. A 2-minute spot shows CCTV footage of different NHS workers breaking down in moments when they believe they are alone and nobody can witness their true emotional state. We see workers putting on a brave face and getting back to work as if nothing is wrong - an upsetting reality that emphasises how the need for support is more urgent than ever. The film ends with an appeal to donate to Frontline19 so that they can provide the support NHS workers desperately need.

'Supercube' for Knorr by Weber Shandwick

Knorr, Unilever’s largest nutrition brand, has unveiled a new concept product, the Supercube, made for a quarter of the population who are born with gene TAS 2R38. This makes certain vegetables such as broccoli, kale, spinach and cabbage taste especially bitter. Whilst we all know someone who has struggled to eat their greens, most of us don’t know about the “supertaster” gene that might be responsible. Consequently, those born with this gene are often unfairly labelled as “fussy” or “picky” eaters.

'The Beko Inheritance' by VML

Appliances so durable, they might just outlive their owners. This is the message behind "The Beko Inheritance," a new campaign by Beko, one of the top 3 large home appliance brands in Europe, setting out to redefine industry standards in the category. Launching across markets in Europe and the Middle East, this innovative campaign is set to captivate audiences with its unique blend of creativity, humour, and an underlying serious message.

'Skinvertising' for Wall's by adam&eveDDB

Wall’s known as Kibon in Brazil, and adam&eveDDB's new campaign 'Skinvertising' aims to reach their target audience in new ways, on the beaches of Brazil. Due to policies restricting the visibility of brands around the beaches of Brazil, ice creams can struggle to be visible when customers are likely to want them the most. To tackle this issue, Kibon came up with an innovative solution, which involved using permanent and semi-permanent tattoos as a form of advertising.

'BikerTrek' for National Highways by FCB London

Experienced bikers often feel they’ve seen it all and know the risks of motorcycling, so to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries on England’s roads, National Highways had to become a part of their world. Making them care about safety is a challenge, especially coming from a government organisation.To capture the imagination of bikers, and side-step riders’ cynicism, FCB London developed the idea of a bespoke and fully functional motorcycle, incorporating medical grade titanium body parts that are normally used to piece together riders after an accident. Manufactured by Old Empire, the bike appeals to bikers’ love of beautiful, unique motorbike design and triggers a live conversation about the chromium-plated parts that headline the bike.

'For the Fans' for Sky Bet by Grey London

In collaboration with Grey London, Sky Bet proudly unveils "For the Fans," a new long term brand platform for Sky Bet marking a strategic shift from focusing on the betting experience, towards prioritising the modern fan experience. Going beyond just communications, this launch campaign marks a shift in mindset for the entire Sky Bet business, demonstrating its commitment to putting the football fan at the heart of everything it does. From its products and content, to its staff and external communications. Sky Bet aims to disrupt betting category tropes and foster a meaningful connection with its audience that goes beyond offers and short term tactics.


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